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Legend 8k: 178 or 184

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Just looking for some feedback from you all on a purchase decision I'm making. I ski the legend 8k in the 178 length and love the ski. That said, I'm 6 foot 3, 185 lbs in good shape and an expert skiier. I feel like the 184 will give me a bit more float in anything but bottomless POW...it should be more stable in crud and even git me a bit more flex in the bumps. Is there any reason I should hesitate before moving to the 184s? I'd love to hear your thoughts--especially from those who tend to ski longer skis. Sometimes I think we've gone so far to the short end of the spectrum that we've all forgotten that we used to ski really long skis 10 years ago. I grew up skiing on straight 200s.
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I'm gonna keep this real simple...At your weight and stated ability you should clearly be on 184's.

The ONLY reason I see you being on the shorter ones is if you like short turns in the trees, ski a smallish mountain consistently or loves bumps (in which case, this isn't the ski for that anyways).

Actually, I think you just keep the 178's and look for an entirely different animal all together to compliment the 8k's...Think wider, much wider! Maybe look at a Volkl Gotama for instance.
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I'm about your size - 6' 2" & 195 - and I also own the 8K in 178 and love it as my everyday ski. I'd say I was somewhere between 7 & 8. Learned on 200 cm skinnies.
I think if you're looking for more float & stability, you should be thinking not only longer but also fatter - I had that same "sinking" feeling in deep powder with the Legends and went to a 100mm waisted ski in a 186 for dump days (Prophet 100). I can't imagine that an extra 6 cm in the Dyna is going to make a whole lotta difference to the ski except in terms of turn radius and quickness.
If you love the ski now, keep it (or buy it again), rather than give up some of the characteristics that made you love it in the first place in order to gain a fraction more surface area. Then try some significantly bigger skis & see what you think. You may be surprised at how well they handle & how versatile they are.

My 2c worth
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Thanks Memosteve and Skeezer...good comments both. I'm definitely been trending toward longer and wider skis. I think you're right about stepping up to a longer and wider ski--probably 185 and up for length and a waist between 90mm and 100mm. The reason I'd keep the 8k is that its pretty nice in the bumps and great if there's not a ton of fresh snow. Definitely heard good things about the Line Prophets and may have to check those out this year. Appreciate the advice.

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I think that there are certain sweet spots where the length, width, flex, etc are balanced for an individual's personal tastes. In my case, those balance points are different from ski to ski, but are easily and quickly recognized. I currently choose a Mythic Rider/178 as an everyday ski but would be about as happy with the 8K/184 in that niche. In fact, I've had one in that length for several years and still take it out occasionally. The 8K is one of the great designs of recent years as it offers a nice balance of characteristics.

Yes, I have a wider ski to go with it.

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Thanks SJ. I did buy the Chronic Blend from you during your recent sale. Its 90mm but only 180 in length...hope that's not too short. I think my ideal quiver would be the 8k at 184...the mythic at 184 and then something between 95 and 100mm at 185+. I'm intrigued by some of the fatter twin tips like the Armada and 4FRNT. I clearly need to do some additional demoing this year. I, personally, have been very impressed by the legend 8k....some on this board think its just not wide enough...but I'm fairly light for my size and float pretty darn well in soft snow on 'em. They are also fluid and smooth through the bumps..which I love to ski. I have almost been impressed by the Head IM82 but found they required me to work a bit harder...which is fine some days...but not the days I'm feeling lazier.

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I ski the 8000 in a 178cm. I'm 5' 7" and 170 to 180 lbs. For all mtn
skiing it's the perfect length. It does the bumps pretty good. I'd
like to try a 172cm for bumps and casual ( slow speed ) skiing though.

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I ski the Legend 8000 in a 178. Great all around ski. There are days I wish I was on the 184, but I now have a 90mm + waisted ski for those days. I would look at a 90mm + waisted ski for those days when the pow is knee deep. You could easily get by with a 2 ski quiver with a Legend 8K and a 90 + waisted ski. I don't see myself needing any other skis until the two I have wear out.
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