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ski for rippin' telechick

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Ok, I need some ideas. My friend Emily depends on me to recommend skis for her. She's no gear head and will pretty much ski anything and rip on it.
She's not touring much anymore, so skis Alta almost exclusively on light Alpine skis mounted tele. She's skied and loved the old Dynastar 4x4's in a 178 and I lined her up with some Pocket Rockets in 165 for deep powder a few years back. She skis T2's, is about 5' 4" and a hundred twenty pounds.

This chick rips. The first time she did Main Chute on Baldy she ran right back up and did it again. She once broke her ankle all alone at the top of Gunsight and when patrol found her an hour later, she said, "go fast boys, this is my last run of the season..." She skis fast and doesn't wait for slackers. These days, though, she isn't on the mountain as much as she once was and is a little more relaxed. She's got the Rockets for the blower, so we're thinking about a groomer zoomer . I like the Mantras and some of the similar Volkls, even the Goats, but I have no idea how these would work as teles. These AK's look good, and are going cheap.http://www.akski-usa.com/products.html. I'd think the No Ka Oi, or the Pro Mountain (except the word intermediate scares me a bit- but with a light woman, that may not mean as much) Any thoughts? I'm going on a little surf trip (Costa Rica!) until Wednesday, but I'll check in from the road...
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While I don't tele, I do own the No Ka Oi. Hella stiff ski. Although I am riding the 180. I have been told that the 190 is a bit easier to flex. And I have never ridden the 170 (which is the size I would assume your friend would go for). Ripping ski, but like I said, it's stiff.

I also ski the AK King Salmon, which is considerably lighter than the No Ka Oi. It's 94mm in the waist and only comes in 180cm length. But when I bought 'em the shop was pushing them as a potential BC ski given their light feel.

My best friend from college Teles and he's been in the market for new skis for the past season and just began demoing.

He found he liked the G3 skis...I believe he rode the Reverend.

He also dug the Karhu Jak Limited (the one with the 100mm waist).

You might wanna have your friend try out the G3's for this year and the Karhus.

Also, I hear the Rossi Sick Bird (99mm) is pretty, well, sick.

Plus the Black Diamond Verdict and Zealot are getting all kinds of praise in the slickies (Skiing and Freeskier).

Finally, Volkl just dropped the M-Rock, which is essentially the first gen Mantra from 2005 rebadged as a tele/AT ski. That's a 94mm waist. They also have the T-Rock, which is a rebadged Karma (87mm waist).
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For full disclosure, I work for Karhu, but we've had fantastic response to the new Bertha:


It's another ski in the fat category, but that sidecut's actually one of our best carvers. It shares the dimensional platform of the Jak Team that dookey mentioned, but the women's construction uses a different core that's a bit lighter and faster edge-to-edge. My girlfriend skis the 172cm length day-to-day.

Food for thought.
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gephart and dookie know a LOT more about skis than I do, but I'm really surprised that a 100mm waist ski is described as a carver and recommended as a dedicated groomer cruiser. I guess times change, but I wonder if the pendulum will swing back towards skis that are similar in width to ski boot soles for use on packed snow. If not, maybe it's time for a wider DIN standard boot sole and wider bindings.
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Thanks guys- of the AK's the Pro Mountain is sounding like the best bet, and at $275 is a steal. Alta demo center probably has a lot of the skis mentioned. The Karhu's sound interesting and I can vouch for the Volkls. I'll e-mail her a link to this thread...I'm in San Jose, Costa Rica with a high speed connection. Pretty cool. Off to the jungle and the Pacific now...
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You need to ask those who know. Check out this site. It should give you some good ideas and a plalce to ask questions to lots of tele skiers.

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good call Mudfoot!

i met the guys that run that site this past April in Mammoth. cool dudes.

i only initially chimed in because i have a pair of the No Ka Ois and they are stiff and a wee bit heavy.

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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post
gephart and dookie know a LOT more about skis than I do, but I'm really surprised that a 100mm waist ski is described as a carver and recommended as a dedicated groomer cruiser. I guess times change, but I wonder if the pendulum will swing back towards skis that are similar in width to ski boot soles for use on packed snow. If not, maybe it's time for a wider DIN standard boot sole and wider bindings.
I guess I should follow up on that... if the question is purely for a groomer ski, she'll probably look elsewhere, but I'm pretty confident that for someone charging around Alta, the Bertha would really fit the bill for an aggressive women's ski to do it all. Its sidecut and the stability that the width provides at speed make it very confident, even for firm. At our first industry demo at Brighton in January, it was a firm groomer day, and the feedback was consistent that the 100mm-waist platform and sidecut on the Team 100 and Bertha were the best carvers.

In my personal opinion, what it comes down to is the smoothness of where you're skiing. If it's going to be good, firm, smooth corduroy most of the day, then yes, something skinny is undoubtedly going to be best. But it it's groomers, plus some chalky snow, trees, corn, and things getting skied up, then I like something fatter that will stay stable over all of it.
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I sort of forgot we were talking about a telemarker. There is a new DIN standard, NTN. Probably uses a wider sole than the narrow alpine DIN sole. Telemark boots have always had wide soles. I have a negative impression of NTN but haven't tried them.

I understand that the ideal groomer cruiser for Alta might be a different ski than the ideal groomer cruiser for Hunter.

The AK Pro Mountain looks like a good groomer cruiser. The AK Pro looks more fun to me "...race carve sensation...", but for Alta, she probably would like something a little more versatile like the Pro Mountain.
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if we're talking Alta (been there/skied there) and AK skis, i'd opt for the King Salmon.

at 94mm in the waist it's a sweet ride for everyday and thicker days. and it's surprisingly light. i'd check with AK about mounting it Tele, but i know folks use it for BC (fritsche/naxo/dynafit) action because it's light. it also rips.

to put it in comparision, i know a lotta folks who have the first gen Mantras set up as AT skis. they're heavy. The King Salmon is much lighter.

of course the only potential problem is that it only comes in a 180.

just my completely non-tele specific input.

oh yeah, that new G3 Hombre looks kind of sweet...
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I am a tele (and alpine and AT) skier and ski Alta several times a season. Based on everything you have said about this lady, and my experience at Alta, I would recommend the BD Havocs. The seem to be the gold standard for good skiers that ski hard and ski lots of deep snow. They are pretty wide wasited for an everyday ski, but at Alta I think they would be just the ticket if you could only ski one ski all season. They would rip the Baldy Chute on hardpack and handle the powder just fine for a lady her size.
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Hey see if you can mount that extra pair of blem (demo) 179 Bros TELE.

don't ask me why but I have a gut feeling this lady might get a kick out of the soft 179's mounted Tele.
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good suggestion. my buddy rocks some Havocs and when we rode together at Alta 2 seasons ago he couldn't stop talking about how awesome they were. He also loved the weird little alien at the tip (He called that guy "Havoc Man").

again, i'm not a tele or AT fool (yet), but a good chunk of the folks I ride with are.

and MTT's Bro suggestion might be something. While I'm not a fan of the ski itself (albeit I've only taken 1 run on a pair of the 179s), they are light...

though you gotta love the marketing lingo on this plank:


so, is freeing your heel kind of like Parliament/Funkadelic's mantra of freeing your mind?
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MTT- Good idea, same with the King Salmons- but she's 120# after Thanksgiving dinner. The 179 blem Bros have Sollie alpine demo bindings on them for, well, the bros... I found the Queen Attivas for a really good price. This is great stuff, looking at all.
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my wife (who is the same size as your friend) seems to like the K2 Schi Devil for more "groomer" oriented days. sounds like you already have a powder ski lined up for deeper stuff, so there would be less overlap with a narrower all-mountain ski.
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The rippin'-est tele chick I know skis K2 Work Stinx. She lords it over the tele races at Snowbowl, often beating all the men as well as the women (I'm not sure what she races on). She charges hardened crud on them as well as pow. That is all I have to say on the subject.
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Thanks people! I presented the choices and she went for the AK Pro Mountain right off. I put up a weak argument for the Queen Attiva but she went for the narrower waist. That knocked out the others too.The raves I've heard from Dooky and Marshalson's (from TGR) high regard for Aldo Kuonen (AK) made me really curious about the AK's so we'll see how it goes.
Funny, I suggested she demo but she blew it off. This one could rip on barrel staves anyway and the best part is, she finally got her Alta pass again and I've got one of my ,er, bro's back. Starting a business will knock you out- a restaurant is even worse for your skiing. When in SLC drop by Em's on Center street for a great dinner and a bottle of wine. You'll thank me.
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T2s and skinny skis. Very cool! Of all the suggestions, this ski made the most sense to me based on your initial post.
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I was gonna recommend Seth Vicious with Bomber bindings after reading the initial part of your post, but that's probably not what she's looking for.

I like the Bertha idea. I haven't seen those skis, but a fatty with a nice sidecut makes for a great tele groomer/all-round ski. That's why I always like the Super Stinx. I've been on Karhu tele's for about 3 years and they're the most durable skis I've ever owned - I've put 2 other pairs of skis in the grave during the same time. So, as a brand I can recommend that.

Anyway, bindings are as important as the skis. Get something good. Hammerheads? G3?
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The vast majority of skiers use safety release bindings for good reasons, avoiding broken ankles being one of them. Just saying.

Voilé CRB three-pin + Hardwire. Active binding, no slop connection to ski, releases in all directions. I wouldn't use anything else.
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what about those crazy new bindings i saw the Telemark Tips guys riding at Mammoth this past spring? they are really wide and look like a big plate that fixes to your boot sole...
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Those are more odious than fixed heel bindings. No, they are not safety release bindings.
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