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Will any Doberman fit these feet?

297mm long, 'C' - 'D' width on Bannock device.
295mm long 'D' width.

Approx. 1.5 degrees bowlegged, each leg. (using Lange lugs)

Perhaps above average instep height -- NOT flat.

Current boot: Lange Comp 100 (blue w/ grey cuffs), MF 29.5 is too small (332 boot sole length) . Punched and ground and cut _ALL_ directions - toe box punched 3 ways, Big toe ground, side of boots punched, heel pockets ground, cuff cut, boot board planed 2mm(for instep height.)

The WC models top out at size 9UK and the PRO's at size 10UK. (That I just don't get.)

How much work would be required to fix up the 10 UK 130 pro, even if the foot could fit?

Also, how does the ramp and fwd lean compare to the Lange?
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My foot measures 283mm 'C' width and I am in the UK 8 shell comfortably in the Aggressor 150.

When I first put my foot into the shell I said to myself NO WAY! Then I put the liner in and put them back on and thought MAYBE. After some grinding they were fine!

Sooooo, I would think your foot could fit in a uk9 "Pro" (which is 3 mm wider than Aggressor) without too much tadoo? The stock liner is pretty nice.

Unfortunately I can not give you comparisons on ramp and fwd lean as I do not have either boot here at the moment.
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