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'05 Salomon X-Wave 10 vs. '06 Head S10

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I just got fitted at Inner Bootworks here in Stowe and was offered a good deal on the x waves which fit my high instep/wide-ish feet. They did feel really good and I was very impressed with the customer service and expertise of the tech. HOWEVER, I can get the Head s10(online) for half the price of the Salomons. Seems like an equaly good boot to me with the same width toe box. Bonus would be that I could get new boots and custom insoles for the same price as just boots. Any reason why I should stick with the x waves? Would it not be cool to bring in a pair of boots I got elsewhere and have them fitted and insoles made at this shop? He measured my feet and gave me these to try on because I said I was looking for last years models(yes I'm cheap). Total time in shop was mabey 15-20 min.
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Of course it is cool. But you need to consider the followiing. Since you will almost certainly be charged more to fit boots that the shop didn't sell will the savings still be worth it?

Who will guarantee the fit if the boots aren't good. Not the fitting shop. You brought them the project. No guarantee.

Who will take care of the warranty if something happens with the boots? Not the fitting shop!

You are going to have to have your bindings checked and possibly remounted. Is there a difference in price between boots you purchase from them and a project you bring them?

So the situation is this are you expert enough at selecting your purchase to be certain it remains a bargain?
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I have new skis and bindings that I will be mounting myself so thats no prob.

My understanding of warranty issues is that any shop that carries x brand can send in for a warranty return #.

The guy told me that any custom fitting would be charged on top of the price of the boots. Would he charge a higher price for boots bought somewhere else?

I was hoping for any comparison info about fit and preformance on the two boots. Half price is a pretty big difference. Even with some grinding or stretching, I could still get new boots and footbeads for the price of just boots out of the box. One a major sidenote, I think the X Waves with the green chillies on them are fugly despite fitting so well.
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