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I would go longer at your size as well. You got about 20# on me.
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Just finished my first day on Watea 94's I bought last month.  I got some 07/08 demos for dirt cheap, in great shape, only rode by a little old lady on Sundays.  Previous ski was the Head 2005 Mad Trix Mojo (Mojo90). 


The two skis are pretty similar.  I was in very spring-like conditions at Alta, and I think the Watea's did a better job at cutting the heavy slop than the Mojos would have.  They suffered in the moguls comparably, which I would expect due to the slightly thicker waist and more effective length since the Watea isn't a twin like the Mojo (both in 187 cm).  I lined up the boot center and the ski center, which put the railflex HD 14 15mm forward of the center line.  I have the Mojos set up way back (almost 25mm), and I think next time I'll try setting it up farther back.  I just didn't get the feel of a snappy tail like other posters have noticed.


All in all, not a big difference.  They have similar dimensions, so not unexpected.  I've since seen Finndog on Icelantics, so I guess this 2 year old post is a moot point anyway.

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