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Newbie who needs HELP buying skies

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After two weeks of reading through ski magazines at Barnes & Noble and scrolling through a countless number of internet review sites and messageboards, I am completely confused over what skies I should buy. I am about 6 ft. and weigh around 160 lbs, 18 years old (12 of those skiing). I ski around 20 times per year and would consider myself a level 8-9 skier. The last three years I have skied the Stockli Laser (older one, very little side-cut, red, 183 cm.) and Stockli Stormrider ( the original one, 183 cm.) I didn't choose to ski these for any reason besides the fact that I can get them for very cheap. I kow they are handmade and suppose to be great, but I personally think they are to much ski for my ability. I really would just like to know what you guys would reccomend for someone who skies primarily groomed runs and prefers slalom and short GS turns at fairly high speeds and will occasionally ski some powder and hit a couple jumps (so basically an all-mountain ski). My Dad skies the salomon X-screams and I tried them out last week and liked them, but do you think there is a ski that would be better suited for me? Please help.
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Judging from where you ski i would lean towards the Fischer Sceno 3 (with the booster). I have not skied it personally but it looks like one of the most versitile and fun skis that is currently on the market. They have a 70mm waist so will perform anywhere you want them to, but are touted as an all mountian carving ski. Probably if you wait a few weeks you will have plenty of chances to demo these skis and many others, but the reason that i steer you to these skis is that they do not take an expert skier to ski them. They are a high performance ski but are designed to ski easier and be more versitle than a race ski. You would ski this ski short also (probably the 170). Good Luck,
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I have theMod X. So i lean toweard that ski. Everyone who has them raves about them. Maybe the Mod X pro is something you'd like. These are called the Axis X and Axis X Pro now. The X Xream is great too. The Mach S is skied very short. Sounds like you'd liek to demo them too.
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Salomon Crossmax 9 or 10
Volkl G3 (alebit on the stiffer side)
X-Scream Series
Head XP 80 or 100 (has the shortest turning radius of the bunch...13 or 14m)

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