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With the colors changing and an occasional dusting, here's some unique preseason stoke from a good friend's collection from the recent past and 'around the neighborhood'. Rick LeGrand Photography:

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like that shot of Engineer!
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Very very very cool! Damn, I wish I could do that!
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Here's some more eye candy from Rick's collection. He is absolutely obsessed and passionate about photography. You wouldn't believe some of the lengths and time spent to get and process many of his shots.

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Sick stuff.
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wow just wow! T
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those are incredible!
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A couple more 'moments of zen' :

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thanks...made my day.
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Antinci...SAY IT!!!!..pation!
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Wow those are some awesome pictures. You should check out some of Sage's pictures from TGR (

I really like the first one you posted, the reflection in that creek is beautiful
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On a mountain bike ride last night, my girlfriend said, "Don't you love the smell of autumn?"

I can almost smell it when I look at those pics. Thanks T.
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Your welcome.....and thanks to Rick. I also enjoy the clarity and the angle of the lighting in autumn around here. You can tell it's coming when you can notice the 'fall lean' in August.
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