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Powder for Mantras

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Is it best to put plates under bindings on skis that will be primarily used in loose snow/powder just like carvers?

I am trying to get a longer pair of Mantras in exchange and I already have a Rossi Axial2 binding sitting around that I could use on them to start skiing the back bowls.
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then again i don't know much about plates but most of the folks I ride with who prefer off-piste and powder like to have the bindings flat on the ski and tend to gravitate towards the Salomon S912/S914/S916 the Look P12/PX12/P14/PX14 or the Rossi Axial2 Ti 120/140 or higher din settings.

and Tbarb, you probably should have just combined this into your other post since it's still talking about the Mantras.

My binding rec/sug would be the Mojo 15...

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Ditto on the Mojo's.
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I have mojo 15's on my mantras. Couldn't be happier!!
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Originally Posted by ski=free View Post
I have mojo 15's on my mantras. Couldn't be happier!!
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FWIW, I have Mojo 15's on my King Salmons, which replaced my Mantras.

FWIW, take 2, the King Salmons rock and have similar dimensions to the first gen Mantras.

Just an option...
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I should have been more specific, in that, I was not refering to additional plates added to raise the height, but the plates that come with the Axial2 120 binding that sit underneath both back and front binding. So to be clear I am presumming you all recomend not using the black plastic plates that come with them and mount the metal binding right to the ski?

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no its not but my are mounted with Naxos and they do fine in powder.
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I don't think you would want the risers for soft snow skiing, but on the other hand they would probably improve your hard snow carving by making it easier to get the 96mm waists up on edge.
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yeah, if you're talking the risers (plates are much different and tend to be more specific to racing), it shouldn't matter much. I think the risers taht come with the Axial2's are something like 6mm tops. That's not much. I had the risers put in when I had my Karmas mounted with Axials.

Really you can go either way and be fine. Some folks will favor the rise, other's won't.

I personally didn't cotton to the Axial bindings and am not sure if it was just a bad mount. But they felt funky to me. I've been much happier with Mojos (though i had each mounted at different shops, which again may have had something to do with it).
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OK. Thanks. One last question:
In a previous thread there were many different opinions if one should mount bindings on a ski used for powder a few cm in back of the mfg line. I presummed they were talking about powder specific skis and not one they would use on the front side as well.

With a ski that you would use on the open back bowls 80% of the time and on piste 20% what would you recommend for mounting placement? I'll use the 6mm risers that come with the skis and yes, I am going with a 177cm Mantra. And again, the back bowls will be pretty new to me as a level 7 skier. Just have to try out a wider ski and see how I do with it!
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again as with using/not using the risers on the bindings, you're going to get "conflicting" advice on whether to go with the factory mounting point or moving back a few cm.

personally, i have always gone with the factory line on all my skis, unless the person mounting my skis suggests otherwise. i've never had a problem either in powder or on groomers with the "status quo" mounting point.

i've also heard tell that the later generations of the Mantra moved the factory line back from its original position on the first gen (2005) models. if this is true, then it's my understanding that the current factory mounting point already takes into account for powder performance.

additionally, some Volkl freeride models may have 2 mounting point for freeride and one for powder. check the ski for this.

long story short: i'd just roll with the factory line.

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