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Homemade Skis?

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Next summer my cousin and I are thinking about attempting to build our own skis. Does anyone have first hand knowledge of this process? If so are there any preferred methods of doing this? We're also trying to get an idea on the approximate cost to set this up. We've been looking at skibuilders.com but are trying to gather as much info as possible.
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pretty much everything you need to know should be here:

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^^ very informative. Good luck!
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my bad, didn't see that the OP mentioned skibuilders.com in the first post.

you might also try getting in touch with some of the smaller companies out there: Icelantic, Liberty, High Society, PMGear, Prior, Moment, Bluehouse, Scottybob, and see if any of them will let you pick their brains about cost, process, etc. All of those folks range in size from small garage operations to small warehouses, to actually outsourcing overseas, but still making test skis in their basements.
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Ski Building

Here's another site you might find helpful. It's a snowboard building site, but the processes are very similar. However, it shows some of the processes a little bit differently. I'm in the process of building my skis now...the press is built, the core shaped and I'm currently working on the forms. If you want to send me a PM, I'll be happy to share my info with you.
The web site is.....

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Saw a guy a couple years ago who had mounted some bindings onto a pair of 2x4's. The "tips" had been rounded with a jig saw, but other than that, they appeared straight out of Home Depot.

By my observations, he tended to skid his turns too much for my taste

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