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*** BOOTS - S13 SUPERHEAT3 - SIZE 27.5 new, in box. (retail <$800)

+ Material: High-rebound PU, bi-injected cuff & shell
+ Buckles: Micro-adjustable aluminum buckles with Race Double Power buckle
+ Features: Full Custom System, racing fl ex adjustment with two screws, Double Power velcro, adjustable spoiler, RD canting
+ Liner: SuperHeat 3, anatomical ankle inserts, high-performance anatomical insole

Skill: top skiers
Terrain: versatile, piste and off-piste
Style: excellent, sophisticated skiing technique
Speed: superfast
Flex Index: 120 (hard) & 110 (soft)
Colors: transparent/orange

I am told these are super comfortable and super responsive.

$400 OBO plus shipping.