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Olympic Podiums 2002

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Feel free to take your guess about the medals in alpine skiing races for this Olympics.
The so called "contest" follows the rules stated in my topic entitled "Olympic Favourites 2002" available on this section of the forum.
The valid bets taken till now still stand, of course...
Good luck bears, and enjoy!!!..


DH , Men

1. Eberharter
2. Aamodt
3. F.Strobl

DH , Ladies


SG , Men


SG , Ladies

1. Gerg
2. Goetschl
3. Meissnitzer

GS , Men

1. Covili
2. Miller
3. Von Gruenigen

GS , Ladies

1. Nef
2. Forsyth
3. Poutiainen

SL , Men

1. Miller
2. Kostelic
3. Kunc

SL , Ladies

1. Paerson
2. Pequegnot
3. Kostelic

Combined , Men

1. Miller
2. Aamodt
3. Kjus

Combined , Ladies

1. Kostelic
2. Gerg
3. Goetschl


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Resuuuuuuuuuults after men DH:
1-5. Norefjell (congratulations! u ve indicated all the medalists but in a totally wrong order)-0 pts
1-5. Todd - 0 pts
1-5. Global soaring - 0 pts
1-5. Robin - 0 pts
1-5. Danone- 0 pts (hey, i guessed two medals but not the exact ones !!!)

So great game everybody!!!!

COME ON GUYS IT S NOT LATE, PLACE YOUR BETS NOW!!!! THEY LL COUNT!!!! : [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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This is tough scoring! How about some credit for the names and then some for the placement? There must be some official scoring system for these kind of games. But, I'm feeling good, tied for first...
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Hey - am I the only one who didn't pick any Americans to get Gold in any alpine racing events? Maybe I'll end up right there?
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Your proposal is founded and reasonable, BUT i guess then the results would be just a little superflue and somehow exagerated. The catch is to get the right place and the right person...
besides i would like your comment on this obvious matter raised by norefjell: European vs. American menthality when it comes to competition.
Big differences.I talked to some number of americans about this and i got their picture. For you guys, sports is a lot about scoring and points, which u think makes the show more alive. Thats why your most popular sports have huge scores .(except hockey which has european origins, (dont eat me up, candians!)
: : :
For us the eastern ocean neighbours sport is a lot more about merrit skills and chance and we see points and scoring as a direct consequence of that, we dont expect them to be big in order to make sport more spectacular.
e.g. I can really be satisfied by the quality of a soccer match (soccer is the undisputed king of sport in Europe, u all know) which ends up with no scoring at all as long as the game itself had quality.
Besides, the real value of soccer goals is that they are rare.
The funny thing one american friend of mine said when we were discussng this was: yeah well what if it gets to me that i must go to the toilet during the match and i loose the one and only goal of the match....
And i answered in the same gamma: We dont go to the toilet during the game, thats what our natural "brakes" are for.And we can use the half time too , we have 15 min.
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For your info, "jeg er norsk".
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norefjell , what does that mean?
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It means that I am Norwegian.
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U, the "Norsk" have too many medals in all!!! : [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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