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RealSkiers Ski of the Year

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Keelty has posted his pics for Ski of the Year.
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Peter reminds me of the great (and departed) film critic, Gene Siskel.

I admired his analysis, but didn't always like the movies he recommended.

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This thread is all foreplay and no climax!
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I'm not paying $20 or whatever for that. Come on, someone, tell us?
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It is not a surprise. Just think front side expert (SKI) or an EC focus.

But I don't get how a ski with a 80mm waist and a 122 tip can get the "Big Mtn Power" award.

It is better than a LP or Stockli Schmidt??? I'm sure it would best the Gotama on a powder day or the day after at Squaw, Alpine Meadows or Kirkwood. :

Given how many great crud buster/power ski are out there between 90-105mm in the waist, I just do not get their pick. But is might something to do with the "more than 50% off groomed runs" or "most the time" versus "90% or more off groomed runs". A 50/50 or 60/40 split does not really strike me as "big mtn".

[end of rant]

Anyways, generally realskiers' reviews are spot on for a particular ski. It would just be nice to see them add more reviews on skis for the Sierra or PNW off piste skier. Versus what seems to be a very EC or CO resort skier focus. (and I think I read last year that they are working on this.)
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Overall Winners:
Volkl Tigershark (PowerRod) 10/12

Fall Line Carving-Palmer po2
Speed Carving-Fischer RX Fire 8
Skill Development-Head Supershape Magnum
Groomer Cruiser-Volkl AC30

All Mountain/Off Piste:
All Mountain Cruiser-Head Monster78
All Mountain Versatile-Dynastar Legend 8000
Big Mountain Power-Stockli Storm Rider XXL

Female Specific:
Fall Line Carving-Dynastar Exclusive Fluid
Speed Carving-Head PowerThang
Skill Development-Nordica Olympi Firefox
Groomer Cruiser: Fischer Vision Breeze

Off Piste:
All MountainCruiser-Dynastar Exclusive Legend
All Mountain Versatile-Nordica Olympia Drive
Big Mountain Power-K2 PhatLuv
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Access to RealSkiers is well worth the $20, which is the price of lunch.
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Originally Posted by RiDeC58 View Post
All Mountain Cruiser-Head Monster78

I read that this morning and don't understand how this is decided. There are skis in this category that scored better numbers in his "scorecard"

so if a ski "scores" better than the "ski of the year," what does that say?
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Hmmm. Love my Stockli Storm Rider XXL, which I use in an AT setup, but i wouldn't call it a big mountain power ski
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Keelty, for better or worse, makes the calls himself, and is outfront about his (many) biases. Which include: skis-over-85mm-are-too-specialized-and-for-experts-only. : I read his reviews more for the frontside ideas...
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