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Bindings for fatter twins???

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What bindings work the best with wider twins? I have a pair of Seths. I thought about a rossi axial2 or scratch 120. Has anyone skied the new Marker Jester bindings? I looked at the STH 16, but I think the den settings are too high. I usually ride at a 9 or 10. The lowest setting on the STH is a 9. I don't want to be on the lowest setting. Any advice?
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Axial 2 140 Ti. Wide brake

Enough said.
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Originally Posted by GarryZ View Post
Axial 2 140 Ti. Wide brake

Enough said.
Exactly (manufactured by Look). Wouldn't waste the money on Marker's unless you are buying the Duke. You could even go with the 12 din version. My experience with Look is that you don't have to run them so high because they don't pre-release like Marker is famous for.
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What is the difference in the Axial2 140 and the Scratch 140?
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Scratch has no lift (or less than Axial) and a shock absorbing layer between binding base and ski.
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If you're taking air, totally agree with above; Looks' elasticity rules. Think about the 17/18's too; more metal, smoother release, tougher. OTOH, if you're more about hiking to your lines and deep pow, the Mojo 15 is about 2 lbs lighter, bomb proof, and the knee-friendliest setup out there.
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I'm a fan of the Mojo 15, personally.

Or the old Solly S series (I have the S912 on my Spatulas).

But you can probably find some Mojo's on sale (I believe I got a pair earlier this summer via EvoGear for well under $150). Good binding.
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I took a look at the MOJOs. I like the design. The skis that I have skied before these were not as fat, mostly between 85 and 90mm. The rossignol binding looks so narrow with this setup. Is that an issue?
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it shouldn't be an issue.

i found myself in your position several times last year asking about which bindings were best for which skis.

honestly, after a few queries everybody pretty much told me that no binding was really better than the next, it all boiled down to personal preference and $$$.

most folks will recommend getting Rossi bindings if you are riding Rossi skis 1. because Rossi bindings are made by Look, one of the more tried and true bindings out there and 2. Mounting Rossi bindings on Rossi skis extends their warranty.

i'd say whichever binding you can score for cheaper between the Mojo 15 and the Rossi Axial 2 or Scratch, go for that.

personally, last season I bought Rossi, Marker, Salomon, and Tyrolia (Mojo) bindings and had different ones on every ski in my quiver. The only binding that I really didn't like the feel of was the Rossi one. But that very easily could have been because of a band mount. The Markers I had were hella heavy. But I found that I liked the feel of both the Salomon and Mojo bindings, so I made sure to purchase an extra set of those to have as back-up.

You'll find that the core bindings out there are the Look P and PX series, the Solly S900 series, and then there's a small faction of us that really dig the Mojo series.

While Marker has taken some heat over the past several years, a lot of folks are hyped about the new Jester, which is another option. And I know a few folks who actually dug the old Marker Freeride series of bindings.

I would personally dig around for the cheapest prices on the Mojo, Rossi Axial, Solly S912, or the Look PX12 and get in where you can fit in!
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