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need some advice

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Hi and thanks in advance for any of your guys' input.

Me and a bunch of the guys want to take a ski trip during thanksgiving. i been reading a bunch of sites and they say that there is a 25% chance taht there will be no snow. So what i want to know is:

1. our vacations really dont permit us to go at another time, so is there a place where we can be guaranteed snow?

2. we also want to go to a resort to enjoy some nightlife, any good recommendations?

3. we are all beginners, and would like to take a stab at snoboarding also

4. we really wanted to go to aspen, but will settle for anything that guarantees snow and some good bars

Thanks again and we hope to hit the slopes :-)
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No guarantees anywhere. Look for the best chances and go there. I know that Whistler usually has enough snow by then, but not absolutely every year.

Also, I take it that you're beginners since you posted in the beginner forum. WB might not be the best for you since only the tops of the mountains will be open.
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I think your best bet would be Oregon....guaranteed snow, even right now. But maybe the CO locals will give you better advice.
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Keystone and Loveland both have snowmaking and push the early season envelope annually. They're usually open by Thanksgiving with limited terrain. Every once in a blue moon they have pretty decent skiing by that point.

Those two hills are very close to each other and to Summit County lodging/nightlife, so between the two you might get a bit of terrain variety and should have plenty of opportunities for consumption of adult beverages.

If you really want to make a trip of it, watch the weather closely. You may want to bring your hiking boots and/or plan on renting a bike, depending on what's going on weather-wise.
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