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I’m planning on surprising my wife with a pair of skis for Christmas. I know she would like this, and I also know she would not be interested in researching skis for herself. She has mentioned, however, the desire to change her skis.

Robbie is 5’8”. She bought a pair of 170 Rossi B2s a year or so ago and thought they were great – best skies she “ever had.” I would rate her skills as being within the strong intermediate range. Her skiing is getting more dynamic and fluid. Over the past few years she has been venturing into some steep bowl skiing, but gets a little stiff when the skiing gets very steep or more than 6 to 8 inches deep (which of course doesn’t help matters). She also loves corduroy and mild to mid bumps, but hates ice. I don’t think that she will ever be an aggressive or fast skier, it doesn’t interest her, but she does like going where the rest of the family goes when we ski together, which is increasingly in the back bowls as the kids get older, but everywhere else as well.

We live near Banff, and ski Sunshine, Louise, Panorama, and Fernie mostly. She skis between about 50 to 60 days per year.

I was thinking of several skis, including the Volkl AC4, Volkl Bridge, Head Monster 82 or 88, but would be open to other suggestions as well.

Any suggestions. Thanks.