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Originally posted by Scalce:
....Someone stole one of my poles last 2 years back at Pico.
...same here last SundayRiver. What's with this???? Poles??...Gloves??...
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Originally posted by gonzostrike:
3 seasons ago I demo'd some K2 Mod X skis and took 'em up to Schweitzer Mtn in the Idaho panhandle. At the end of the day, I leaned them against the wall to go inside to take off my boots. 5 minutes later, I returned to that wall and they were gone.

Gone for good.
I have a friend who had the same experience at one of our local resorts (Whitetail) last year with a pair of brand new CrossMax 10 demo skis. He sat them on the rack, ran inside to use the restroom and when he came out they were gone. $850 down the tube. Ouch!! This is the experience that opened my eyes and now I ALWAYS lock my skis or use a ski check, if available.
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One thing I have come to realize is that snow boarders usually don't steal skis.

A few years ago a buddy of mine caught a boarder with three pairs of his skis. My friend is all of 6'4" and does physical labor for work. The boarder is still alive but he got dragged around the parking lot on his head. Luckliy for the dirt bag my friend showed restraint.

The ski area had a problem with theft but got the state police involved. Turned out to be organized crime. Mostly after snow boards.
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Originally posted by TheIceMan:

If you're worried about this same idiot stealing your skis, buy a lock and lock them up. I had a lock with me, and didn't bother to use it because I was only stepping into the men's room for less than two minutes on the way to my car.
I have a lock and use it every single time I canot see my skis.

Having a lock in your pocket does you no good unless your skis are on your feet.

There is probably more of a chance that somebody will grab your skis outside the bathroom, near a doorway, or at the front of the resort instead of on the slopes because they know people leave stuff unlocked in these places and they can make a quick getaway.
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Locks simply keep honest people honest.

I'm sitting here right now about to give away a million dollar seller simply because I've too much to work on already!!!

You know those little, inexpensive locating devices that people are having placed in their pets skin??????

It's just a simple matter of finding a good location to put it on the skis.

I'd rather do this because then the skis (and hopefully el asso wipo) can be found. The more of these people we can tag, the better it is for us honest people.

BTW, if the police don't have time to take care of theft, . . .then why the heck do they have the time to write speeding tickets. . . . . . . OH. . . that's right, . . .because that involves revenue!!!!! . . . . AND if the police don't have time to protect the public from crimes such as theft . . . then shouldn't we as citizens have the right to????? In other words if I had caught him it would have ended in a three legged mad race to the hospital (to extract my right foot from the netherlands!!!)

Also, I take a stance of ALWAYS let there be some consequence to a persons dishonest actions. I don't care if it takes a little bit of your time or someone elses inconvenience. This is one of the biggest problems in America today. . . the "I don't have the time, patience or desire to get involved" attitude. It is why honest people don't take the time to return gloves that they find left behind. It is why dishonest people don't get prosecuted (or at least held liable in some fashion) when they take the time to steal something.
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Personally I would want to stop a thief any way I could from stealing from another fellow skier.

The I got my shit back, tough shit for you if they try it again mentality just doesn't work for me.

If you guys see something like a hat or a glove under a lift that seems to have only been there for a short time, do you leave it for awhile?

I saw a hat at Sugarbush last Friday but I figured the owner would race down and grab it since it had no snow on it.

I have had friends drop a glove before and we fly down the run to get it.
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I know a lot of peps that had stuff stolen.

When I had my old beat up K2's, no one bothered them. Never had to look them up. Then I got my new(about 7yrs ago) two new pairs of ski's, I would lock them up.

If you don't lock up your stuff, its just to tempting(sp) for dishonest people. I guess its from my mom always getting on my case as a kid to lock up my ski's. Its a habit now.

Heck I still have those old beat up K2's.. just without bindings.(k2's are from 1980's)
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Ah, Ice.. yes, I must be a (two bit) philsopher.
In your original post, you seemed peeved that the employee
told you to use a lock next time.
In a later post you, you state "if you're a lock and lock them up." ???
The kid was putting your skis in the van? Maybe he had a key to the van? Gee, a little more than a casual relation to the van owner?
Your post should have read: "My skis were missing-I found them and the thief-I took them back." End of Story. No complaints about employees, shops, resorts.....

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I don't trust people at all. Maybe that's a bad thing, but I've been screwed one too many times (luckily not skiing). I once had a guy come up to me to buy a chair (I sell cool chairs and coolers in the summer as a job very fun and pays good too). He pulls out cash and fans it out. I check it and take the money. Later, when we're counting the day's take, I come across a $5 that has been cut exactly down the middle. Can't get your money from the bank, and that guy got $10 for his $5. You know, if that guy and all his scummy friends put that kind of ingenuity to work for the good of mankind, where would we be? Back to the subject of skiing, I have a very simple solution to the problem. My skis never so much as leave my hands except to go on my feet. I just dropped $650 on a pair of Troublemakers. When I go to take a piss, they come into the bathroom stall with me. I could use the complimentary equipment check at my hill, but it takes like, 3 minutes to drop your crap off and fill out the form, so unless I'm going to eat or something that's going to take a while, I carry the skis everywhere.
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Originally posted by Zacman1987:
I don't trust people at all. Maybe that's a bad thing, but I've been screwed one too many times (luckily not skiing).
I hope it never gets to the point where you can't trust anyone. Thing is, you have to be realistic. Almost anywhere you go, most people will be honest but a select few will not be. As a result you have to protect yourself and your belongings. The bigger the crowds the more dishonest people that will be's the law of averages. Bottom line, lock your sh*t up or be prepared for it to walk.
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On a good note, when I was working at Mtn. Creek last weekend, a teenage girl turned in a season pass she found on the slopes. There are some good kids out there!
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Over the past 20 years I've had two pairs of skies stolen. I filed police reports both times. The first pair was never seen again. When the second pair was stolen, I kicked myself for not learning from my first mistake. Fortunately, I got a call the next day from the nearby State Trooper substation. They indicated that they had apprehended the thieves! Could I please come down to the station and identify my skies! When I got there, the two boys and THEIR PARENTS were there!! What sweet justice! [img]smile.gif[/img] The parents were spitting mad at the boys and were ready to meter out appropriate justice . I was given the option of filing charges, but chose not to. Hopefully the little thieves learned their lesson.

How were they caught? Fortunately a very observant employee saw a couple of boys running through the parking lot, each carrying two pairs of skies. He thought they looked suspicious, so he wrote down their licence plate ### and passed it on to the mountain management. When the stolen skies were reported to the State Police, the suspicious activity was also passed along. When the troopers investigated, they visited the home of the suspicious licence plate # holder. When pressed, the boys confessed and reveled their stash of stolen goods..

Fortunately for me, I had recorded the serial ## of my skies and kept it with my receipt.!

Moral of the story, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, LOCK UP YOUR SKIES!! Especially if their high end race skies!

I keep a couple of different types of locks in my ski bag depending on the individual mountains rack system. . A good heavy duty cable lock will prevent the impulsive run by snatching on their way out the door theft.
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Wow, I never thought about locking up my skis (not sure if there is anywhere I can lock them to) but after reading all this stuff, I'm not sure any more!

At Tahoe, I seldom see any skis locked up. Almost everyone just leaves their skis on the snow, and if anyone brings their skis to the table for lunch, people look at you in a funny way.

Must be an East coast / West coast thing. I also find that the only cars here that have steering wheel locks(very rare) have NY/NJ license plates.

Anyway, looks like my jacket/season pass are not going to be found. A new jacket and fee to replace season pass.. With that money I could have bought the Atomic R:EX I wanted..
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Originally posted by paulwlee:
At Tahoe, I seldom see any skis locked up. Almost everyone just leaves their skis on the snow, and if anyone brings their skis to the table for lunch, people look at you in a funny way.
Do you hear that noise. That's the sound of about 10,000 teenagers heading to Tahoe for some early '04 Christmas shopping now that this news has hit the airwaves.
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posted by ThelceMan:
If they had some pot or hash in their pocket, should you go to jail for drug possession?
Oh, like THIS never happens?!?! It happens all the time. Cops don't care who has possession. You're in the car? You're fooking guilty!

Happened to me at age 16. "Friends" picked me up after guitar practice at school (swing band). Cops pull us over....there's a bunch o beers and doob in the trunk (a LOT of it). Did I know? No. Did I go to jail? You bet.

Thus started my distrust of cops (and my decline from morality. If I am to be accused, I may as well earn it.) Thanks, Mr. Policeman. And fook you.

As for thieves? Don't be a victim. You KNOW they're out there. Buy a $15 ski lock and use it religiously or stop whining.
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At Wachusett the other night, I was standing 3 feet or so from my skis retreiving the lock from my jam packed pocket and a kid about 15 or so walked up to the rack, put his hands on my skis and started to take them. I stepped in front of him and asked what he thought he was doing. He told me he was just getting his skis. I laughed and said, those are my skis, I was just getting my lock out to lock them to keep little pricks like you from stealing them. He said, f- you ma'am, they are mine. I grabbed the skis. I noticed that the kid had real big feet and rental boots at that... I said,try them. By now the kid was shaking like a leaf. I said, you better give up you stealing career, especially if you think you can grab a pair a person just puts down while they are still standing there. He took off so fast. Just then, his group chaperone came over to me...I guess he saw him through the window. He said, he won't be coming again.
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Come on

Who wants to steal brand new 6 Stars

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Who is Bonni accusing of whining?

Who is she telling to buy a ski lock?

It appears she still drinks beer and smokes pot, from the ugliness and ignorance of her message.
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Originally posted by TheIceMan:
Who is Bonni accusing of whining?

Who is she telling to buy a ski lock?

It appears she still drinks beer and smokes pot, from the ugliness and ignorance of her message.
I don't know about the drugs part, but the ski lock is good advice. Lock the damn things up, use a ski check, or take the chance that your sh*t walks. It's that simple!

I the perfect world this shouldn't have to be a concern, but take a look around. Hell, being from the NY metro area you should know this. No one needs to point out to me that there are thieves in the DC area. Down here, stealing is a sport enjoyed by many.
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I took Gonzo's place while he's mellowed out. Call me Bonzo.

No, I don't drink or smoke pot anymore. I'll have an occassional beer if I feel like it though. You can ask anyone on here who knows me, and quite a few do.

As for the whining? Well, sometimes people react to the crazies of the world like they just can't believe that would ever happen. Oh my god, people are stealing, I just don't believe it, what kind of person would do such a thing, REALLY!

Take it to Paula's.

Don't leave your stuff lying around in a ski lodge if you want to keep it. Period. Would you leave your Marmot gloves on a bench in a WalMart? It's just as smart.
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Who is Bonni accusing of whining?

Who is she telling to buy a ski lock?

It appears she still drinks beer and smokes pot, from the ugliness and ignorance of her message.

Let's see. . . . .

Maybe that's why Bonnie's been with us longer than you have!!! :
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This was a depressing string to read. I guess I have had the opposite experience. I can't believe how nice other skiers are to me and my family when we ski. I can't tell you how many times people have chased us down with our forgotten gloves, hats, etc. or helped me carry skis to the car or whatever or helped us when we have wiped out or aren't sure which way to go. Last week, I got stuck in a place I never should have been on Snowbird (this is a whole other story but it was completely stupid and totally my fault) and two guys helped us down. On the whole I think skiers are fantastic people and they are part of why it's such a great sport.
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I can't tell you how many times people have chased us down with our forgotten gloves, hats, etc.
Gosh, how often do you leave your gear : (couldn't resist [img]smile.gif[/img] )

Seriously though, the good experiences that I have had far outweigh the bad. I can fill pages too. I guess that I (and some of the others on this topic) have had to deal with the brunt. It's just the law of averages and I'm sure most have never had to deal with it.

Right on though, it is a depressing topic so on to better snow pack!

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Originally posted by Zacman1987:
I come across a $5 that has been cut exactly down the middle. Can't get your money from the bank, and that guy got $10 for his $5.
Heck... I have been there.. some guy gave me a counterfite(sp) 20 when I was like 18 and I never been burned again. If I had just flipped the bill when counting, I would have caught it.

When you count your money.. always Flip the bills over as you count them.
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Bonzo.... I like it.. Bonnie the Bonzo

There as many honest people as there is dishonest people. From experience from my old job would I say a lot of both (supermarket office/frontend Super). The sad thing is, the dishonest cost everyone more then the honest people.

I look at it this way, be honest and someone might be will be honest you. Commonsense is the rule, and always look over your shoulder. One has to be aware of there surroundings at all times.

Ski theft.. well lock them up.
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Originally posted by CAPBOY:
/...have a cheap pair of composite poles that are chewed up from skiing the bumps.
I had my cheap, chewed-up composites stolen from kid's ski school rack at Copper one lunchtime.

Maybe many of the people with the old straight skis are getting them and associated gear free from people they don't think will care too much?

On the other hand, tons of ski gear is left at resorts by people who never come back for it. At the indoor slope I worked at there were pants and jackets in the £300 range that were never enquired about.

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Paulwlee: Report the loss to the resort. They should enter that into the system and then the pass can't be used. I assume they scan passes before you're allowed to get on the lift. Each pass has a barcode with your information and picture associated with it. When the jerk uses the stolen pass, and it is scanned, it comes up stolen, or at least null/void so he can't use it. Just a thought...
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