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Had to move my ski rack from a '05 Jetta to a '05 Outback with factory racks. I need some locks that will fit the 450 Crossroad factory roof mount kit.

I am selling the following:

- (4) 400xt Foot Pack w/ locks: $70 OBO (free shipping to USA). These are the older 400 foot packs (not the new plastic ones). They come with the older style locks and a key. If you like the plastic type, you can buy a conversion kit from most retailers for $20. Retail value: $139.99 before locks.

- (1) 872 Large Fairing: $45 OBO (free shipping to USA). This fairing is only 2 weeks old. I bought it for my Jetta, and bought an AWD Outback 2 weeks later. I can't take it back, so my loss is your gain. Retail value: $60

- (4) 2141 Fit Kit for WV Jetta and several other cars: $25 OBO (free shipping in the USA). Retail value: $55

Denver area pick-up= $100 for entire package.

PayPal Only. PM for more information. Anything not sold by 9/21/07 will be put on E-bay.