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Salomon Falcon 70/90

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Boot gurus, i need some info on Salomon junior boots.
A friend of mine is interested in getting new boots. She is considering the Falcon 70 and 90. Size UK 2.5

I have three simple questions:

1. What is the shell length for a UK 2.5 (22.0) Falcon 70/90? I noticed that on the Salomon chart the UK 2.5 corresponds to a 22.0 mondo. I thought that it should be a 21. Maybe that is just another interpretation of the uk and mondo charts.

2. Do the Falcon 70/90 run big in length?

3. Do the Falcon 70/90 have an adult DIN sole in a UK 2.5 (22.0)? I assume that the UK 2.5 is the smallest size for the 70/90.

Thank you.
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1) 265 (I think)
2) if it is the same last as the adult falcon it is about the same as all the other salomons, over the past many years
3) adult (I think) will be the same sole in the whole size run.
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If the sole length is 265, they should be a 22. They are probably built in mondo point sizing because a UK 2.5/US 3.5 usually corresponds to a 21.5 mondo but for Salomon it is a 22. A 265 mm long sole is usually found on 22.
The 22 should be adult DIN sole.

I think they are the same last as the adult Falcons. In that case, could you tell me if the adult Falcons run big in length (or in general)? I have no experience with Salomon boots.

Thank you.
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I seem to fit a 25 nicely in most boots, (krptons, salomon X waves, falcons, etc) that is a 1cm shell fit and 8.5 mens shoe
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Do you mind if I ask why it is important whether or not they run long. won't you be deciding on fit using shell fit
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She will be doing the shell fit. She would like to know if people usually went down a shell size from their current boots (assuming they are the correct size). This would indicate that they run long.
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I find that typically boots fit true to mondo size. This means about 3/4 behind heel during shell fit. I use dowel rod sanded on edges to leave skin to demonstrate fit to customers. THere are exceptions such as Tecnica RacePro 70 in 20, 21, and 22 sizes which I must downsize 1.

But again I'll emphasize not to worry about what may happen with others and learn to rely on personal shell fit. It really is the answer to almost all problems. It lets you know going in where to expect problems and helps to set the stage for solutions.

For instance most people have never had truly pain free boots. Therefore in the store are accepting of some discomfort or even pain. They may not say anything because this is the way it has always been. But during the shell fit when I look inside I can see contact between the foot bones and the shell and know with comment from the customer that once on the hill it will be problematic. So I fix the problem without waiting for comment.

So rely on the shell fit to determine everything to do with fit. Flex and overall feel must of course be determined in the boot with the liner and buckles fully done up. But forefoot width, ankle space, volume over the instep etc can all be best assess during shell fit
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