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Waking up from hibernation

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I'm getting the itch again. Left the beach house today and stared watching ski DVD's. The air is getting cooler. Lets hope Al Gore is wrong about global warming!!!
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Amen. Here I am, sitting at my desk doing philosophy homework, and wishing that it was cold enough for it to start snowing so that any of the local mountains (Whistler, Grouse or Cypress - Seymour sucks too much to even contemplate) can open and that I don't have to deal with exams so that I can in skiing. Heck, I've already started to plan a spring break trip for my friends and I! (Not really spring since the break is in Feb, but that just means better snow!)

I really can't wait for opening day.
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Yup have to agree. Just this morning I let the dogs out and I was out on my back deck in my underwear scratching my a$$ and I said to self. It won't be long now. :
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This past weekend was the first one since last spring that I didn't sleep with the air conditioner on. Opened up the bedroom windows for a change.
To me that means my favorite time of year is getting closer. To my wife it means that she won't have to sleep with the duvet for a little while.
A nice little nip in the air in the pre dawn hours.

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Had some frost in MN over the weekend! But 80's this week...: I went ot the annual ski swap this weekend too - sure starting to get the itch...
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Last year at this time Snowbird got a foot of snow. This year it's 80 degrees and sunny. Last year we had 5 weeks of very little snow in January/Feb, and periods of inversion in the valley. Hopefully it's different this winter, I think it may be. From my memory anyway, it seems warm falls are typically followed by wet winters.
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37 degree last night at Mount Snow!
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On the local Fox staion this am, "first snow of the season in the Sierras this weekend". Of course that all depends on the direction of the low coming out of the gulf of Alaska. But what the hell, it's good news. First weekend, past, that I had to put the jacket on in the am at Pollock. Oh and no need for the swamp cooler. Lake Tahoe in the 30's this am.
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echoing mk,

low predicted for Tahoe today was 33. won't be long now.
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