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Ideal ski for Europe???

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Hey people, this forum was a great find loads of info on here. Anyway better get to the point, I'm looking at getting a new pair of skis and do all my skiing in Europe (just can't afford the trips to the US or Canada) where conditions seem to vary day by day! Am comfortable skiing most groomed runs but want to start doing a lot more off piste. This is no good with the ski's I have (Streetracer 8's about 170) as they are a pain in the butt in anything but hardpack, they also seem to be a bit flexy. Don't really want to be lugging more than one pair of skis about so looking for an all mountain ski. I'm 5'11, and about 180 pounds. Thanks for any comments, Broady
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Hi Broady, Welcome to EpicSki! Is Essex as cloudy as Leicester this morning? Consider something like a Volkl Karma, K2 Public Enemy or Icelantic Nomad. (also, you could ask on www.snowHeads.com - a UK based forum which is a bit similar to here)
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Looks like rain here fella, hasn't come yet though! Cheers for the suggestions, will look at the other forum you mentioned as well.
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Something that will survive wear till Feb when you have a base
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I have skied in Europe a fair bit and sympathize with what you are facing. There are several ways for you to go and while the simple thing to do is focus on width, that's only part of the equation. You are likely to need some pretty good edge grip and dampening to feel comfortable on the conditions that you will face much of the time, but some extra width will also help you on the occasions when you do see some deepish snow.

Some skis that are middle of the road as far as width are the following.

Volkl AC-40 (82mm)
Nordica Afterburner (84mm)
Salomon XW Fury (85mm)
Dynastar Mythic Rider (88 mm)

All these will give you better performance on firm or rough snow than what you have and will offer an improvement in lift and stability in the off trail. These are not exceptional in snow that is deeper than say 20-30 cm or so, but again are far better than what you have and they will offer a nice compromise. You could also go wider if you chose to and that would improve the deeper snow capabilities somewhat at some sacrifice in other conditions. I have skied the Valle Blanche a few times and outside the ropes at the Grandes Montets on skis of approximately 80mm width and they were just fine.

Just depends upon your priorities.

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Try to get a pair with less then 90 and more then 75mm in the waist. And then look for something with like 15-17m of radius. The wider ski = better offpist (even if it was ok with 65mm for like 15 years ago) and vice versa.
Just big mountains = longer skis.
My favorite all round ski last season was Scott P3, 185cm, 84mm wais and 17m radius, twintip and bindings mounted two cm back from dead center.
They relay perform super in both piste and off-piste, but lack when it get balked in the piste.
god luck - anders
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Cheers everyone, found a good deal on some Nordica Hot Rod Jet Fuels (178's), so think I'll go for those. Seem to have a good write up in most places!
Cya on the slopes,
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