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What three pair for the optimal three pair quiver

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OK..what three pair of skis you would select for a three pair ski quiver. No excuses, no qualifications, I don't care east/west.

All I want to see in an answer is;


No "Ifs" "ands" "or" "buts". What would you use if you could have (just) three pair for the 06/07 season and I don't care why.

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179cm K2 Public Enemy
183cm Volkl Gotama
192cm Atomic Thug
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Well for the 06/07 season my 3 ski quiver was:

Stockli Stormrider XL 174 - hard snow and skiing w/ kids on groomers.
Volkl Mantra 191 - everything between
Volkl Sanouk 193 - Powder

and for 07/08 it is the same.

(at least it is until I walk into a shop a see 197 Katana for sale.)
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Well, you know mine would all be Heads...

(and luckily I won't be limited to three pairs)

Head SuperShape in 170cm

Head iM88 in 186cm

Head SuperMojo 105 in 183cm (because I just had a birthday and I'm getting oooollllllllddddddddd and layzee).
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Fischer Progressor 175cm
Stockli Stormrider XXL 186cm
Dynastar Legend XXL 194cm
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Armada ANT 191

Rossignol Squad 194

Igneous FFF 200
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Weird I thought I just posted this...:

Fischer WC SC 165
Atomic FIS GS RACE about 190 cm
Dynastar LP 194
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Nordica Mach 3 Power 170ish
Head iM82 - 175ish
Volkl Gotama 183 <---- with Dukes
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AK No Ka Oi 170
Birdo Puder Luder 175
Praxis 185
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Stockli Rotor 76 169cm
Stockli Stormrider XXL 178cm
Stockli DP Pro 193cm

But I am seriously considering the Lib Tech POW in 185cm or Kingswood FAT in 185cm - I couldn't help myself there is just too much choice and FAT is where is its at for heli/ cat ski deep pow days.
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Nordica SM Mach 3 Carbon (170)
Dynastar Mythic Rider (178)
Volkl Gotama (183)

Coudja pass the corn please....oh and a beer would be nice.

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3 for me

Fischer RX8 - 170
Rossignol B3 - 176
Elan M999 - 181
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Atomic SnoopDaddy 185 = everyday

Armada ANT 191 = big mountain/crud

Volkl Gotama 183 w/Dukes = BC/touring/pow
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I have mine now...

Blizzard/MAG SL/165
Blizzard/Titan Nine/181

(Sorry Ron, I am keeping the Seths)
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This is my 3-ski quiver:

Nordica Dobermann SLR 165cm
Nordica Dobermann GSR 186cm
Stockli Stormrider DP 184cm
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not having slope tested two pairs of Bluehouse I bought--

Blizzard Titan Nine
Stiff BRO
1080 Gun
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My 3 skis quiver :
Dynastar Skicross 10 186cm (hard snow, speed)
Scott Aztec Pro 186 cm (Do it all, cruising)
Salomon Sandstorm 187 cm (Do it all, deeper)

Not ideal. But close enough and in my price range...
May change with good opportunities.
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
I have mine now...

Blizzard/MAG SL/165
Blizzard/Titan Nine/181

(Sorry Ron, I am keeping the Seths)
Hmm, NOW it's
Head 78's 171
Head Mojo90's 176
Just think I need something a bit bigger and a few MM longer. Softish tip...
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186 Head im88
191 Armada ANT
192 or 202 DP Lotus 138 (depends on what the camber and rocker looks like; I haven't seen it)
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Fischer WC SC 163
Atomic GS 12 180
K2 Public Enemy 179
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186 World Cup GS Salomon
184 Salomon Fury
195 AK Rocket
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As of this moment:

Dynastar Omecarve 10 (165)
Blizzard Titan Nine (181 - nothing bashes the crud like these)
Gotamas (183)

I have no other comments . . .
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Technically I have a 5-ski quiver, but the core 3 in reality will be:

181 Blizzard Titan 9
180 AK King Salmon
185 Volant Spatula

If we are talking fantasy 3-ski quivers, couldn't begin to tell you as I'd really want to demo everything under the sun in order to come up with that list!
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179cm K2 Public Enemy, Look zr18
186cm Head im88, Salomon s916 w/lift
190cm Atomic Big Daddy, Rossignol 180 Pro

This was my main 3-ski setup last year, for Stowe and Killington. It worked very well.
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Volkl 5 star 168
Rossi Z9 170
Line Chronic wide 167
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Nordica / Speed Machine Mach 3 / 170
Head / Monster i.M. 88 / 175
Volkl / Gotama / 183
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Head Supershape 165
Stockli XXL 170
Volkl Gotama 183
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Scott XCR 165
Scott P3 184
Fischer Phenom 10 FIS 193
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It's silly, or maybe misleading, to list a size without more info.

I'm 6', 200#, very good skier, medium energy level, and I usually prefer the ski size one under the longest offered.

#1--Head i.SuperShape, 170 cm for me.
#2--Head Monster iM 78, 177 cm for me.
#3--Head Mojo 90, 186cm for me on the cat ski trips in B.C.

If I didn't have the SuperShapes, I'd get the new Xenon 7.0. Head is doing somethings very right with skis.
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quite the exotic triad you have (AK, Birdos, Praxis)!
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