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working at steamboat

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I would like to try working at Steamboat resort (free pass) this winter and would like input on a place to live for ~3 months..
I'm too old for the hard-partying, snowboarding, 18-21 crowd in employee housing.....and want to live on what $ I earn 3-4 days/week..
I would like to have a room/apt for 1 with kitchen priveledges, and have reliable transportation, so could live within 20 miles or so from resort....
Any ideas??:

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If you you have transportation, then something in Hayden is probably your best bet for lowest cost. Better hurry though, room options are quickly going away as it's very late in the year to secure housing for the ski season at any skiing destination.

A friend of mine is in the interviewing process to transfer to Summit County with his company and he's watching the available rentals diminish rapidly every week. Final interview for him is tomorrow, he's hoping they decide FAST so he can secure a place in the next week or so before there's literally nothing left to choose from. It's tough to find a place to live after September in the mountains. The killer deals are snatched up by August in most cases.

Have you contacted SB about employee housing options...if any?
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Also Oak Creek is a possibility.
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Yeah, things are getting tight this time of year but there are definitely still options out there. You can view the listings at www.steamboatpilot.com I would highly recommend Oak Creek, Stagecoach over Hayden - better small town feel, all are very "rural". Plus the traffic heading west to Hayden is starting to feel like a small city.

Likewise, keep in mind the Ski area pays the least out of everyone in town and you will be working when everyone else is skiing. Might want to check out some other options - restaurants, etc. Hope that helps.

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