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First Beijing, now..............

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Monday the IOC chooses a new leader to promote & maintain the spectacle that provides the world a once every four years highlight of many sports dear to some of us, downhill, cross country, etc.

It is a pivotal time for an organization that has gone from barely breaking even to a corporate behemoth in a mere 15 years.

the candidates:

Brief profiles of five candidates for IOC presidency

MOSCOW, July 15 (Reuters) - The following are pen pictures of the five candidates seeking to take over from Juan Antonio Samaranch when he retires after 21 years as president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Monday.


AGE: 48

SPORTING ACHIEVEMENTS: Rowing bronze medallist and U.S. team captain at 1976 Montreal Olympics. World championship silver medallist (1978).

CAREER: Lawyer, administrator.

SPORTS ADMINISTRATION EXPERIENCE: Member of board of directors of U.S. Rowing Association. Member of IOC since 1986. IOC vice-president since 1997. Vice-president of organizing committee of 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

STRENGTHS: The most powerful woman in world sports administration. This could be a dry run for DeFrantz, who is relatively young compared to the other candidates. She might have more chance of winning next time. She has campaigned for more women in sport and sports administration.

WEAKNESSES: Struggles to speak French, the IOC's second language. Not a naturally charismatic figure.

CHANCES: Outsider.

- - -


AGE: 70

SPORTING ACHIEVEMENTS: Competed at taekwondo, judo and athletics at national championship level.

CAREER: Former secretary to the prime minister. United Nations General Assembly delegate (1965), special envoy of the South Korean President (1990), Ambassador at Large (1996), member of council of advisors in Korean unification (1997).

SPORTS ADMINISTRATION EXPERIENCE: Vice-president of organizing committee of 1988 Seoul Olympics. President of the World Taekwondo Federation, President of the General Association of Sports Federations (GAISF, since 1986). Member of IOC since 1986. Has served on executive board and as vice-president.

STRENGTHS: A powerful and influential man in world sports organizations as well as being a serious figure in international political circles. Fluent English speaker who also speaks French, Spanish and Japanese. Kim probably has more influential contacts in and out of sport than any of the other candidates.

WEAKNESSES: Kim is the oldest of the candidates. He was handed a ``most serious warning'' by the ad-hoc commission investigating the Salt Lake City bribery scandal in 1998 and 1999. The commission found a Salt Lake bid official had arranged to pay at least part of the salary of Kim's son when he worked for a U.S. company. Kim denied all knowledge of the arrangement and the commission said in a report that it could not prove otherwise.

CHANCES: Probably the most dangerous rival to favourite Jacques Rogge.

- - -


AGE: 59

SPORTING ACHIEVEMENTS: Olympic swimming finalist in 100 metres freestyle at 1960 Rome Games, freestyle gold medallist at 1962 Commonwealth Games.

CAREER: Lawyer, chartered accountant, author, university chancellor.

SPORTS ADMINISTRATION EXPERIENCE: Member of IOC since 1978. First voted on to executive board in 1983 and held office of vice-president. Chairman of commission for television rights negotiations since 1983 and marketing since 1998. President of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

STRENGTHS: A key player in turning the Olympics into a commercial success through marketing and television rights deals, Pound has a reputation as a tough negotiator who has had a high-profile role at the organisation for some time.

WEAKNESSES: May lose votes from some members because of his role as head of the commission which threw members out of the organisation after the Salt Lake bribery scandal in 1998 and 1999. Has a tendency to speak his mind which can upset people.

CHANCES: One of three who could get the job though Rogge and Kim are more likely contenders.

- - -


AGE: 59

SPORTING ACHIEVEMENTS: Sailing competitor at 1968, 1972 and 1976 Olympics. World champion. Won 10 caps for Belgian national rugby team.

CAREER: Orthopaedic surgeon. Former sports medicine lecturer.

SPORTS ADMINISTRATION EXPERIENCE: President of the European Olympic Committees since 1989. Chef de mission at Winter Games in Innsbruck (1976) and Calgary (1988) and Summer Games in Moscow (1980), Los Angeles (1984) and Seoul (1988). IOC member since 1991. Member of IOC medical commission and chief coordinator for 2000 Sydney Games and 2004 Athens Games.

STRENGTHS: Multi-linguist who has a reputation for solving problems through negotiation, factor which helped him organise successful Sydney Games. A natural diplomat.

WEAKNESSES: Some members question whether he is tough enough for the job. He is not as experienced in IOC and sport politics as Pound and Kim.

CHANCES: The hot favourite to win.

- - -


AGE: 59

SPORTING ACHIEVEMENTS: Team epee gold medallist at 1968 Mexico Games and 1972 Munich Games.

CAREER: Hotel administration, director of national stadium, Hungarian ambassador to Spain (1993-97) and Switzerland (1999-present).

SPORTS ADMINISTRATION EXPERIENCE: Leading positions in Hungarian Olympic Committee since 1989. Member of IOC since 1983, was first voted on to the executive board in 1991 and has held office of vice president. Member of coordination commission for Winter Games in Albertville (1992) and Lillehammer (1994). Vice-chairman of athletes commission (1984-88).

STRENGTHS: Experienced IOC operator who speaks several languages.

WEAKNESSES: Has not held as high-profile positions as his main rivals.

CHANCES: Outsider.

Kim will carry the African vote & most ikely win.
I hope not.

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Well I'd place my vote for that third guy you mentioned, the Canadian guy Dick Pound. I mean come on, anyone with a name like that deserves to be president of something important.<FONT size="1">

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Yikes, Juan Antonio Samaranch's legacy continues. Can anyone remember a past IOC president's name? His Excellency (as Juan prefers to be called) certainly raised the profile of this position in terms of media recognition.

Although hearing John Tish speak of his His Excellency, Dick Pound, does sound entertaining, didn't the IOC pick Rogge?


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yes, Rogge is in.
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Rogge won after a little back room scuttling of Kim's candidacy.
Actually a good thing.
Rogge wants to stay @ the Olympic village with the athletes as opposed to the Lux Grand America.
It is a good step back from the brink.

I rul & you Pound Dick.
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So Since we all knew Salt Lake bought thier games, any one know what China paid for thier games?
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Comfort women? (It sure ain't the beer, eh?)


Dante non ha mai immaginato questo cerchio dell'inferno!
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Dick Pound?!?!!??

Are you sure that's not his porn name??

>> enter the carpenter to install the new bookcases in Babmi and Candi's apartment:

"Hello Ladies, I'm Dick Pound. The carpenter."

"OOhhh, nice Hammer, Dick, how hard can you pound m... I mean it?"

Gives a whole new meaning to "Primary movements", eh?

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I am sure there were no gifts or favors exchanged for votes. As far as international media & the IOC is concerned, Salt Lake is the only bid city to EVER participate in these heretofor unheard of tactics.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>I am sure there were no gifts or favors exchanged for votes. As far as international media & the IOC is concerned, Salt Lake is the only bid city to EVER participate in these heretofor unheard of tactics.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>


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