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Tog in NY/WTC

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Some of you folks may not have seen this thread about Tog a regular here.

Make yourself heard,

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Thank you, Ed. I don't want to send it out until there are a few more replies.
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Lets keep this close to the top.
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Could one of you guys please give me a bit of a run down on who tog is, just get me up speed : He sounds like a real hero from what i've heard already but i'd like to know in a little more detail who he is.
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Tog is a regular on this board who has a worse insomnia problem than I do. He has been known to post on this board at 4:00am Eastern . For his day job, he works in animation. During the winter, he teaches skiing at Okemo.

If you want to get an image of what Tog looks like, if you watch Buffy or Angel, Tog is a deadringer for David Boreanz, the guy who plays Angel.

BTW, you can use the search feature to find his many informative posts. Just type user name Tog, all forums.
Thank you for asking. He is a very dear friend.
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I also love TOg's story lines. Very entertaining. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Oh yeah, the hydroponic beef thing was a hoot. Then the "Evil Wedge" "filmscript".

But you know, the kind of mind that makes him think up these stories, whether humorous or dramatic is the same thought process that would inspire him to be "in the story" in a real life event that's as important as this.
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Hey thanks for that Lisamarie...i will look up some of his past threads, they sound very interesting. Thanks to my trustie dictionary, i now know a new word. And i have come to the conclusion that i have..err...anti-insomnia
And thanks for the comparison to the Angel dude..i have a much clearer picture in my mind now. Chow
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LM..I have been trying to find some of the previous threads which Tog has posted in however i have been unsuccessful. If you happen to know or could easily get Tog's member number then I would appreciate that very much. If not then i will go through some old posts and search his name and number out by trial and error. If i don't reply to this in the near future then it's because i have turned it in for the night, as it's after midnight and i have to work in the morning. Having said that i will most certainly be back to check this thread as soon as i can.
Have a great day and keep up the good work as far as chasing up that other thread for Tog is concerned. Thats very thoughtful of you. Same to you too powdigger.

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Hi Tim--Tog is member #809. Apparently the new software no longer lets us search by member name, but I found a couple hundred threads Tog had contributed to by searching for his number.

AC--can a name search be re-instituted? Alternatively, is there a way to get a list of member numbers?

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Thanks very much for that Bob. I've got some reading time ahead of me eh This time i really am going by the way :
Have a happy day guys and gurls
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So Tog looks like Angel, Huh? Looks like you just made him the most requested instructor at his mountain, by gurls at least. :
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That's good to hear. At first, when I saw the thread name, I thought the worst, that he had been killed in the WTC. I knew he didn't work there, but still I was obviously relieved to see that the story was that he was helping with the rescue effort.

It's not surprising. On a much less dramatic level, he helped me (basically a complete stranger to him) out through this board last spring. I had ACL surgery and was asking on the board about Cyrocuffs (a piece of medical equipment that you have to buy following surgery). He offered to loan me the one he used for his surgery a few years back and save me about $125. It worked great and I mailed it back to him recently (Tog, if you're reading this, I'm assuming you received it OK.)

Anyway, I thought that was an interesting anecdote showing on a small scale, the kind of heart he has for helping others.

May God bless and comfort all of those touched by this tragedy.
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