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Looking to try second ski from selected

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I purchased a small closeout liquidation of last year mid-high end apparel that came from a store that closed to make some 'mad money'; and I could not avoid taking some equipment with it in the deal. This is not a usual category I would go after because I am not very knowlegeable on the equipment side. But now I also face the temptation of adding another ski to my mighty arsenol of one since this will be all too easy.

I purchased an Atomic Metron 9 several weeks ago using advice from this forum and was preparing to use them as my only ski - I only ski 4-8 times a year and stay on the groom trails 90% of the time avoiding the steeps and big moguls until someone I am with drags me over to them.

I actually don't know what the special applications of some of these skis at all but I should try at last one for fun. I can't try them all as mounting costs add up and relegating them all to demo status from new will not help my mad money fund. These were some interesting ones I have seen posted here in the forum I could approriate: AC2, AC4, K2XTR, Apache Outlaw, Scream Fury, 9.18, Z3's. It is clear some are very wide at the waist and larger overall and presummed for powder/back bowls and some would appear better carvers.

So two very broad questions and from a contrarian shoppers view perhaps:

1. I would like to know which are most like the Metron 9's I bought and which might be very different in some way. (ie: the Metron is an intermediate to advanced level - all mountian - shorter radius ski that does groom trails mostly but can handle some powder).

2. The second question is I would nix anything that was over my ability. I do not want to beat myself up on a firm unforgiving ski or have to work hard at getting a ski to turn because I don't have the techniques yet. (Speaking of that is there a location where I could famiiarize myself with skier ratings like I see mentioned in posts where someone notes they are a level 8 skier or so); I can't say what level I would be but in additon to the above comments on me I would rate myself as intermediate to early advanced on a begginer/intermediate/advanced/expert scale but only on my preferred terrrain. On the powder back bowls and big moguls I am clearly a beginner with no apparent visible skills.

Many thanks,
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when saying that you are looking for somethign for back powder bowls AND big moguls you should know that these are two entirely different types of terrain.

granted, back powder bowls can have big moguls (I rode such a bowl at Beaver Creek last season), they generally aren't the same thing. Basically if you are looking for a mogul specific ski, that's gonna be vastly different than if you're looking for a powder specific ski.

if you're looking for something to augment your current quiver of 1 (the Metron 9), then take into consideration what you bought that ski for and what you will be using it for. Then think about what you want to ski and whether or not the 9 will be good for it.

if you don't have "mad money" to toss around in terms of demoing, i might just wait and suss out the Metron 9 at the beginning of the season. see how you like the ski on and off-piste. take it into the back powder bowls and into some big moguls. see if that's the right ski for you before you jump out and purchase another one.

me, i'm a huge fan of demoing. why? it's fun to ride a different set of skis every time you go to the mountain. i did it for 2 seasons. that said, after 2 seasons you kind of come to a conclusion that you could easily spend the rest of your life demoing and always second guessing your purchases (each year new gear comes out, new reviews, you meet and ski with folks who ride different gear, etc). The best answer for me, was to demo, get tired of demoing and then zero in on the skis I liked and was able to get. There were a ton of skis on my list that were not readily available either in Cali or the United States that as much as I wanted to ride them, i had to scratch them off the list.

Funny thing is that even after I bought new skis, I kept occassionally demoing and after a season totally retro-fitted my entire quiver. I started out with Mantras and Karmas and some Armada AR5s. That was the 2006 quiver. The 2007 quiver became AK King Salmons and Spatulas. The 2008 quiver has been augmented with Blizzard Titan 9's and I'm more or less done. I have what I hope is a sweet firm snow and basic overall ripper (T9), an almost-everyday ski and one that's also decent in light powder (the KS) and a super deep fun boy (the Spatula). We shall see.

If I've learned anything, though, it's that demoing certainly helps, though isn't a be-all-end-all solution. More important is to ski what you already have and figure out if it's the right ski for the conditions you'll be skiing 99% of the time.

For example, when I was riding the powder soaked moguls at BC I was on the King Salmon. My buddy was on a pair of really short, really narrow Head racing skis. He kicked my hiney over and over again on that run. Which goes to show that it's not always the ski, but rather the skier. You'll no doubt find some folks here who would find the Metron 9 perfect for a variety of conditions.

I know you've been fishing around about the Mantra in other threads and now it seems like you've changed your mind on that, which causes me to suggest that you should just chill out and enjoy the M9 until you figure it out and then perhaps demo one or two other wider skis as the season gets going a little.

While some suggested that the Mantra might be a little too much ski, you might consider the Rossi B series. the B94 is a pretty sweet and supple ski that I believe is much easier going than the Mantra.

At any rate, my totally long-winded reply in summary is to just lay low, enjoy the M9 and then see where you are at in the middle of the season. As most folks know, good deals are always to be had, so don't feel like you have to rush out and grab the first one you see. Sometimes patience is a virtue!

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Hard to disagree with anything you advise. It may well end up I only go to season with the new Metron 9 which was bought primarily based how it sounded on paper, but I needed a new ski to start the season anyway as my old 9.18's were running thin and 9 years old and the price was right at the time.

I've always been in awe of the back bowls and wanted to consider this terrain in partial consideration though on piste would remain my main diet. I'm sure a run or two each day I am out will temper my outlook and probably spark the need for a lesson. The Metron has some characterists that would help in that regard since they were slightly more able towards the bowl environment than just getting another new 9.18 and a bit more 'all mountian' as it's called. Of course I could be wrong ..sometimes wrong ..always certain.

When the Mantra idea surfaced it seemed a slam dunk to try it for a zippo/nadda cost but I've decided unless I can swap it for a more proper longer size I'll pass. I don't think I could demo any ski for the price of a binding mount and still own the ski, but you all may have saved me a few bucks. After getting my ski legs back maybe mid season I'll look again after I see how the Metrons do for me.

Thanks again for all your help.
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" I don't think I could demo any ski for the price of a binding mount and still own the ski"

Making the assumption that you are strapped for cash, no? If so, yeah, just roll with the M9's until the funds are replenished.

Another aside, however, is that most demos I've done over the years range from about $30 on up to $60 at the high end. Some shops have a single pair deal others have a multi-pair deal (which is why it's usually optimal to demo on mountain and swap out skis during the day...I know Beaver Creek has a multi-pair demo through one of the village shops, so does Northstar in Tahoe...you pay like $45 and get to try as many skis as you can in a day).

Another option is tracking down when each company is having their demo day at your particular resort. Last season I got on some Icelantics at Loveland when they were doing a demo day. I was also at Kirkwood during a Rossi demo day. These are usually free, which is great, and you can end up trying the full product range of a given manufacturer. I know they have crazy demo days all throughout Colo every season, so you should look into this.

It should be noted that just about every shop that has a demo program usually puts the first and sometimes the second demo toward the purchase of the ski. So if you demo at a shop and it costs you $48 and you LOVE the ski, they apply the $48 to the sale of said ski.
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No, just being prudent, well, maybe frugal. (Just being me actually) I don't ski enough to warrant two pairs of skis as I ski up to 10 X's max a season. (Dern't cha just love I-70 on A Saturday and Sunday!) This powder ski idea just fell into my lap on a business buy of ski apparel and I was being opportunistic just because they were there.

Anyway I can get a 177cm Manta or a 174cm Soloman 1080 Gun (someone recommended this on an earlier post) if I want to cover the shipping. That is the best so it's go or don't go. It's a real deal but only if they would be a good choice. I can see now why they were part of the deal. I maybe wash out even on them but the rest of it was still smart.

I guess that leaves me with another question. But I think from past posts that the "most" recommended would be the Solaman 1080 Gun at 174cm rather than the Mantra 177cm. But I'll probably pass if I should have over 180cm to learn powder skiing. (175-185 lbs and 6' tall; Level 7 skier.)

Thanks agian for all you replies!
Time now to just lurk and take in more education.

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well...if you can get the Mantras for only the cost of shipping, that's about $40 tops.

you could always turn around and sell 'em for a few $100 (probably $300ish, easy) and come out ahead in the bargain!
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Yep, but if I don't use them and sell them as new I get a few more $ for them. Which is what the original plan was. I think you see my issue now. I just can't in good concience or good business ski on them all one time and then sell them as demos. But one was picked smartly, why not try and have a little fun and see what it is like on a powder ski. Problem is they donlt seem to be smart pics .....for me.

Sounds like you think if I did go for it though the Mantras at a slightly longer lenght (177cm) would be a better bet than the Soloman 1080 Guns (174cm).

Then of course I could just sell the 170cm Mantras now and apply the cash to a 184cm Mantra or 188cm Soloman 1080 Gun or something else from the recommended list later on.

Decisions ..decisions :

Heard Araphoe Basin will open mid month next month.
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