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PA,MD,WV,OH folks, Laurel News

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It looks certain that Laurel will not open this year. Once again we've heard of a series of suitors that back out when it seems the deal is close. I know that the buzz we helped to create has the State and Local politicians taking notice. A few of us are still trying to organize a co-op styled after Mad River Glen. We're awaiting official approval from the DCNR (PA State Parks) before we start in earnest. Then there will be the question of how to or who will buy the assets from Somerset Trust. (Owns the lodge and quad lift and snow making. Land is owned by Pennsylvania.)

Awhile back I urged all interested folks to lobby Seven Springs to renew their agreement to run Laurel. With the change in ownership there, that hope died. Now I'm asking you to contact Doug Finger, Linn Run/Laurel Mountain State Park Manager. Send him your opinions and thoughts about Laurel. I know that he is in favor of seeing Laurel re-opened and has done all that he can to help that process but he is one person in a chain of command. Doug is the point man for the DCNR on all things concerning Laurel Mountain. He will see that your voice is heard in Harrisburg. Contact Doug at: dfinger@state.pa.us

Here's a few links to on going discussions at DCSki.com:

Breaking News
Laurel Poll
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Somebody went and talked to the press:


If there are any Mid-Atlantic Bears that are interested forming a co-operatively owned, non-profit Laurel Mountain please send me a private message through Epic or DCSki.com. I'll add an e-mail link to my screen name header at the top of my posts.

If you are interested in seeing a mountain with decent vertical and terrain that ranges from mild to serious re-open and you're interested in buying a share or if you have legal or business skills to help charter the corporation and run the operation please get in touch and I'll keep you in the loop.
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