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It’s all relative

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Morning ride today with three friends, all of us strong riders in our mid to late 40s. The ride is a nice 70k loop from Canmore to Lake Minnewanka in Banff. There was a very strong headwind and the temperature is a brisk 3 degrees centigrade. We see a woman riding about 500 meters ahead and eventually catch her at a pace of about 30kph (18mph). All of us had to push a bit and are probably in zone 3, maybe zone 4. It turns out that the woman is Chandra Crawford, an Olympic gold medalist cross country skier. She tells us that her coach told her to do a zone 1 ride today, her heart rate is under 100.
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Sorry – There are various definitions of heart rate ZONES (HRZ) depending on how it is approached. I had my V02 max (aerobic capacity) tested and the zones I use in training are based on that testing. This has helped me to improve my fitness. I use HRZ to organize my training, especially in the beginning of a year or in anticipation of a major event, like a planned super long ride. Zone 1 or 2 would be considered a very easy recovery ride.

Some people define HRZs based on percent of maximum heart rate (mhr) -- 1 is 50 to 60% mhr; 2 is 60 to 70%; 3 is 70 to 80%; 4 is 80 to 90 %; and 5 is 90 to 100%.
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Foe me these days, walking to the bathroom is Zone 5. Still worth the trip, though.
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Ok I understand. For me I don't need to train for anything, I just go at an easy pace for a while, a medium pace for a while, and a feel your heart in your neck and ears pace for a while and repeat.

I have one question though. Is maximum heart rate some theoretical rate for your age and weight or is it the highest you've ever gotten it after smoking some weed and doing speed sit ups and push ups for 15 minutes?
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Neither – it is the heart rate you reach when going down 2000 foot vertical foot gnarly bump run and your 12 year old daughter says “follow me and keep up” and skis the whole thing without stopping.
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Foe me these days, walking to the bathroom is Zone 5. Still worth the trip, though.
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