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Working at telluride

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hello everyone
im planning on ski bumming this winter and am considering Telluride. Has anyone worked there? How was it? Is there reasonable housing? Any advice is appreciated
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Any job with the ski area and many in town supply a season pass, which is good because they are not cheap. Cost of housing and living in Telluride is very expensive, and there are few options outside of town. Be prepared to work two jobs and live with 3 other people. It can be done, but unlike many other areas it is almost impossible to do it cheaply since the town is small and isolated, so everything is in limited supply and costs more.
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Here's the employment linky; and this what passes for employee housing. Only know instructors there, and they are all pretty satisfied working at tride (well, for instructors, anyway).
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Housing alternatives with pros and cons can be found in Ridgway, Norwood & Rico, along with points beyond. I know Ridgway is essentially a growing and solid service community for Telluride, 45 minutes away. There is an employee shuttle that runs in the AM & PM and of course carpooling options.
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