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Boot Help - Wide Foot, High Arch

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I'm 5'10", 195 lbs and an advanced aggressive skier who skis mostly hard pack in Eastern Canada with a trip a year out west where I rent some fat boys for cat or heli. I have wide feet 9 to 9.5, E to EE depending on the shoe with a high arch. I am 43 YO and am skiing on Salomon X-Wave 8's but finding them a bit soft and in need of an upgrade. I have large calves and have removed the plate near the rear cuff entirely. I ski on Volkl P-60 SL 's and enjoy short radius turns on steep terrain and not sure what to consider for new boots.
1) Is the Falcon 10 too big a jump for me or should I consider another boot.
2) Are there any adjustments I should consider.

Jeff Bergeron's advice was amazing to all of the other correspondents - really unbelievable knowledge base. I hope someone else out there can help me too.

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falcons will be to narrow/low instep if the waves worked for you.

new instinct (I think it is called that) is one to check out
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the new x-wave replacement is the Impact, you might also considcer the Head S 13

things can be done to stiffen a boot as well, so if the x wave is stil in good condition it may be you can have a couple of rivits put in or a front plate to add a a bit of guts to the cuff
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The Impact is 2-3mm narrower and lower across the instep. I'd suggest that you shop for a Wave 9 or Wave 10 while you can still find them. The Head is also a possibility.

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Thanks everyone. I think my X-Wave 8's have had their day. My high arch is a problem and even after having worked my existing bots in for a number of years I still get some pain for the lower instep is a non-starter. Friends are telling me that Salomon or Lange (possibly Technica) are most likely to accomodate my foot but I will also consider the Head's.
1) What is the difference between the Salomon Falcon, Impact and Mission?
2) I assume the higher number is just more stiffness but is there anything else?
3) What are the comparable Lange and TEchnica boots (if appropriate) to the Impact 9 or 10?
4) If Salomon is the way to go then what should I think about in an 8 vs 9 vs 10?

Thanks in advance
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Canada Goose,

1) the Falcon is a lower volume version of the Impact which replaced the Xwaves. It doesn't sound like the Mission is for your needs.
2) correct, no
4) the last shapes are the same, only difference is stiffer shells and firmer liners with the higher numbers. As an expert, 195, 5'10", and size nine, I would look at the 10.

Mayber consider the Dalbello Proton 12 or 14, they also come with an optional intuition liner (ID) which is a good deal vs. buying them ala carte! These boots fit a similar volume to the X Waves and have a removable spoiler and are a $100 or 2 less expensive than some other comparable brands.
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Thanks very much. I will check out both.
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Nordica Speedmachine, pick any number, there isn't much difference, the higher the Model, the better the liner. It has a variable instep area, the best flex/rebound of any commercial boot and isn't too far off the fit of the X-Wave. IMO
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