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What's Sundance Like?

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What's Sundance Like? If you were in UT for a week would Sundance be worth a day?
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On my first trip to Utah, I skiied there b/c it was storming so bad (or good depending on your view of things) that most lifts in Cottonwood Canyons were closed. The place was empty, and the sking was good fun for a day. Slow lifts, but definitely worth a visit.
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Sundance is way cool. Limited amount of tickets sold so no over crowding. A stream running at the botttom by the parking lot with wood cabins. Nice. You'll like it.
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Small, uncrowded, beautiful. Limited but good bowl skiing and some nice tree skiing. Slow lifts, cheap tickets, good eats. (no verbs)
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Definitelly worth a day. It is a beautiful place.
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Only been in the summer, but i thought it was one of the most thoughtful and wonderful 'resorts' i'd ever been to. Not overbuilt, cars are discouraged by the convenient walking paths. great food. really enjoyed it.
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Sundance is great. It is a contender for the most beautiful resort in Utah. The blues off the top are great for high speed cruising and Bishops and Grizzly bowl offer great powder skiing when it snows. The lower mountain is one of the more kid friendly places in Utah, with broad, low angle runs beneath spectacular Mt. Timpanogas, at almost 12000' the tallest on the Wasatch front. Lunch at Bearclaw cabin is fun- a log cabin on top. It's the anti Deer Valley, very low key and rustic. Redford's whole philosophy is to minimize the impact of people and create a balance with nature. The buildings are built low profile along a creek and blend in with the tall pines. They have great little rough- hewn timber condos with kitchenettes and wood burning fireplaces, as well as houses to rent.

It is small, and a day is enough for a lot of people, though I spent 60+days there in 92-93. Of course, if you guys remember, that was one of the snowiest winters on record and it snowed something like a foot a day in January. Sundance is lower than the other resorts so on a normal year good coverage is later in the season. Storms coming from the southwest favor Sundance, but most come from the northwest and hit the Cottonwoods. Still, dumps of 20" or more sometimes hit when Alta gets skunked. When that happens, the powder can last for days, not minutes.

Tickets are relatively cheap and ski school is staffed by smart young kids, mostly from BYU. The food is pretty basic and the base is ala county park, but Redford runs a couple of first class restaurants just acros the creek.
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Thanks for the info. Sounds like a place we'd really enjoy.
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