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Partial ACL Tear & Recovery

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In Feb., I tore my left ACL in Steamboat, saw my ortho, & was in the process of scheduling surgery.
After viewing my MRI, the Doc said it was only a partial tear, & with PT, biking, weights etc., my knee would be fine.

Has anyone here ever experienced this?
What was skiing like after?

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see http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=39404

End of the LONG story - finished out the 2006-2007 season with around 25 ski days, total recovery, very comfortable back in the bumps now, skiing is better than ever. Have cut back on running but that's about my only change in the big picture.
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Thanks for the link, It was just the kind of information I was looking for.

As for as my injury, the only thing I'm experiencing, to date, is a lack of full range of motion.
Extension is there, but only ~ 90% when flexing.
Pain is gone (ortho said pain was do to bone bruising).
I will probably start weight training next week.

However, I'm sure the day I click in during the coming season, I'll be

Thanks for the reply ts
& good luck.

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Have you asked the ortho about wearing a brace? Try searching here on the phrase "don joy".
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He recommended going without a brace.

The Don Joy is just one of many braces I researched before seeing the Ortho.

His claim is that the brace will not prevent an injury.
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About 20 odd years ago I hurt my knee and was diagnosed as torn ligament. Prescribed rest for a week and ease back into activity. At the time I was in to weight training and it took me 2 months to get back into my full leg workout.

Post forward 20 years. Avid skier and long distance runner. Completed my first marathon (42 km at 42) and I take a spill skiing and tear my medial meniscus.

I have scope and partial menisectomy. My ortho informs me (post op) that I have an old ACL tear and have approx 40% remaining. He says no question the reason it did not bother me over the years was my running and weight training, but mainly my running. While the pounding is hard on the knees, the mucho hamstrings you develop while running compensates for the diminished ACL.

Moral: Get back to the gym and any excercise that will build strong hams.
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