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K2 Cinch 07 vs 08

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A local board shop has the 07's for 40% off. Not sure what levels they have as I just had a quick phone chat.

Based on what I read on k2snowboarding.com I am wondering if the new features are must have over the 07's.

I am an experienced rider that does everything but jumps and the park. I am <<sigh>> retiring my Switch bindings (I've stretched my ol' Vans to their limits). Is the CTS okay or is the CTX a must have?
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It looks like the big thing between 07 and 08, is the following improvements in the 08:
-"Cored" highback and siderails. Not sure what this means, but it looks like they removed some of the carbon/plastic/metal here with holes. So it is lighter.
-New lighter weight ratchets.

I have the CTX for 07. I like it a lot. I got it because I wanted the highest performance and lightest weight. It is lighter then the CTS for 07. The CTS for 07 was pretty heavy. If weight doesn't matter then go with the CTS.

It looks like the CTX is still lighter then the CTS for 08. Although maybe the gap is smaller since they made both a little lighter? Seems like otherwise they are pretty similar.
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I just picked up the K2 Cinch CTX 2007 model this past weekend, they had them @ 40% off as well (130ish CDN).

I've read some mixed reviews on these since i purchased them, and i'm hoping for the best. Either way saving time strapping in should be a great experience. I just don't think the Flow bindings would give me that stability i need in the trees and back country. I did notice a lot more positive reviews on the CTX model then the lower end ones. Something about the clips were rusting out on the older models. Good Luck.
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I really liked my CTX bindings. I was consistantly ready before any of the boarders in my group of adults after getting off the lift. The only time it is a little tough is on a steep.

I came from K2 Clickers with some high end (Nitro Aura) boots. These were the highest end boot made for the clickers right before they were discontinued.

Anyway.. The Cinch CTX gave me a lot more control. I was still able to step in about as quick as with my old clickers.
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not really much difference, what they tried to fix is the main problem with cinch bindings...weight. but honestly compared to any other binding, they are still quite heavy. new ratchets. the main problem they came back was the lever on the highback that locks it in place, there is a small metal piece that actually keeps the highback stiff would break, which would release (open up) the binding. i would splurge and get the CTX just because its a little more beefy, but it still has the same small metal piece holding it all together
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