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Atomic Race Stock GS ?'s

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Has the dimensions of these changed much since 2001-2002? I would figure they have, but don't have the info in front of me. I'm thinking of buying a pair and just wondering how they have changed. For reference the one's my friend is selling are the 10.22's.

Also what size are people skiing GS skis in these days. I have been on 188 Dynastar Big's for the last bunch of years and am interested in picking up some race skis. I'm thinking somewhere between 183 or 188.

Thanks for the input.
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I do not think they have changed all that much in the transition from 10:22 to GS:11, in terms of sidecut.

How tall and heavy are you?
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155-160 lbs and 5ft 9". Expert skier w/ Doberman WC Soft's. As a reference I have traditionally skied and liked skis one size down from the biggest a manufacturer makes and/or what the superhero's ski. Ala 188cm Big instead of 194cm Big. I have some Kneisel T@ankers (90mm+) underfoot in a 180 and they are almost too short. I liked the G4 in a 188, although that was in La Grave where there was plenty of mtn. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Thanks for the input.
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I'd go with either 181 or 186 (or whatever the equivalent sizes were the year you're looking at). It all depends on what your preference is. You should be able to handle both. 190ish, however, would be too long, I'd say. I'm pretty much your dimensions and I'd have a tough time deciding between those 2 lengths.
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Why Race Stock? Production models are easier to ski. I speak from experience here. I had always used WC Team Skis, but recently went with production shape. I still order specific flex which best suits my technique, size and power. This is not an option for everyone, or just anyone [img]tongue.gif[/img] though.

Don't go too short with a GS ski. It is designed for speed and stability. Consider a SuperCross if you want to have a more nimble ski with incredible edge hold.
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Two reasons for race stock. 1: Cheap 2: Always wanted to try the ultimate performance machine. Since they are cheap I figure why not?

So beta racer, what size would you suggest? This will be for bombing groomers fast and making GS size turns. I know this is tough to say as one should demo. Would 188 be too big? My last ski even close in shape to the current race ski's was K2 4 in a 198 when it first came out (96-97) which I loved. Perfect size. I know, different animal (sidecut, flex etc), but all the other skis I have had since are > 78mm underfoot so don't have anything else to compare to.

This is a quiver ski that won't be used too much.

BetaRacer, Whistler looks like it doing pretty well for Dec 5th! I'm heading there on Thursday for a week and can't wait! How much more snow for the Blackcomb Alpine and Peak chair to open? How is the snowpack (avi danger)? I'm wondering about whether to bring the randonee skis.

Thanks for the insight

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