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Several "ballpark" boots that may fit feet

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I finally made it to a bootfitter, Jim Mates of Seattle. He did a good job, but he does not recommend boots. I would like to try several boot options you all may suggest, given my feet and abilities. I have older Salomon orange x-waves now.
Feet: medium (D) width, high arch, high volume, about size 10 in street shoes, pathetically thin lower legs, high small calves, heel bone almost flush w/foot - does not stick out, relatively flat (not largely curved) inside foot plane, right foot rather pronated.
Abilities: I've done this before, maybe 7-8 level, 50 yrs old, good shape, prefers off-piste - steep and deep if possilble, self taught, 30-35 days/year, sometimes tendency of falling in back seat in steeper stuff, ski mostly PR's. Mates thinks I should have a softer boot than the x-waves. Any "ballpark" boot suggestions?
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salomon falcons (if that is too narrow, try the next one up that I can't remember the name of right now)
lange 110 or 130 fr
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High arch or high instep??

(arch is on the bottom of your foot, instep is on the top)

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Hoping you would respond. High arch for certain, and I believe he also said "high instep" or something to that regard which meant "higher volume". Does that makes sense?
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No other suggestions of boots that may fit?
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I tried to reply earlier today but couldn't get a reply to register on your original thread......so here are some things to think about.........

First...."D" width is pretty easy to fit as long as you don't have other wierdness happening.

High arch has little to do with the boot....it's more to do with the underfoot support system.

A high instep is very much to do with the boot and can be an issue depending on how high it is and whether it is generally high or high in one spot.

So....for a "D" width foot I might be looking at the new Solly Impact which is lower volume than the X-Waves. If the Impact is too low across the instep, I might be looking at a Nordie Speedmachine or possibly a Head 'S' series.

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Thanks SierraJim,
I did try on the Nordie Speedmachines last year in a local shop, they felt ok. Should I be surprised you didn't mention any Lange's? And what about the stiffness issue the bootfitter touched on? For whatever reason I have always equated "better" skiers having stiffer boots regardless of the conditions - better feel - better control - better skiing, and yet with the bootfitter's recommendation to me that I might be better suited to a softer boot ... and although I have never had a softer boot, his words are ringing in my ear - perhaps he is right? Any thoughts?
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Boot experts

I did post on this thread for background purposes ...

Question, given I have teeny tiny lower legs, high calves, skinny heel/ankle area, d width, med-hi arch, and given my past lower leg/shin-bang issues (jesus I sound pathetic) and given my skiing style of sitting backside too often going down the steepest and deepest stuff which I crave (and ski aggressively), ski now w/older solly x- wave 9's w/intuition liners & cork superfeet, might the lower hinging Dalbello boots (Krypton or cross) be a possible solution for me? Just curious, thanks
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