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Mitt Romney and Michigan

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Ok the first thing that is going through your minds is what does this have to do with skiing.

Ok here is the indirect connection. As a very young man Mitt Romeny worked at Boyne Mountain for the recently late Everette Kircher, and we all know what an influence Boyne Mountain had on the sport of skiing. Stein Erickson once, admittedly a long time ago, was director of skiing there.

Mitt's father , George Romney, saved American motors from disaster many years before they were taken over by Chrysler and ultimately Diamler. Because of his success, George Romney ran for and won the governorship of Michigan, and was one of our great governors. He got the state out from under the control of the labor unions.

He was also at one time a serious presidential candidate in the 1960's.

Our own governor Engler has to leave office on Jan. 1, 2003, due to term limits. His lieutenant governor, the only apparent choice, won't be much of a candidate against the very popular and current democratic attorney general, Jennifer Granholm, and former governor [ he saved the Chrysler Corporation while a Congressman ]James Blanchard.
If Mitt Romney were to run, the Michigan Republicans would have a serious chance to win the governship.

I think this would be an excellent opportunity for Mitt Romeny [ who BTW just before going to SLC, did a wonderful job in rescuing Dominno's Pizza, and providing very capable successor management ]to start his political career.If he wins big in Michigan, perhaps in 2004, if Dick Chaney has had enough as vice president, perhaps Mitt becomes a vice-Presidential Candidate, it would be an excellent choice, for a lot of obvious reasons.

Well that's my best thinking. A great many Americans appreciate that Mitt Romney did a great job with the Olympics, and this nation certainly needs his leadership somewhere, and at the same time he may have a need to fufill his own political ambition. It could happen !

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Mitt Romney lives, and loves it here, in MA from all i've heard. he took a shot at the senate here vs. Ted Kennedy about 8 years ago and lost. if he runs for a political office any where, it would be here in MA.

the state is already buzzing with gossip about this... all the news channels are talking about it, and state republicans big wigs are trying to get him into the race to give some opposition to current intrium govenor (who has been subject to much critisim and controversy) jane swift.

currently, mitt has no plans to run, but is keeping the option open according to reports. there currently is a web site registering people that want to see him run (i dunno the URL).

my personal opinion, i hope he does not run. i remember his political points of view from when he ran for the senate and i (and most people in democratic MA) would not agree. however, coming off a successful olympics, he has a lot of political capitol he didn't earn through politics. this means if he runs, he can probably assure himself a victory as long as he doesn't piss any one off, just cause people know him from the success of the olympics. i think he should stick with running businesses myself [img]smile.gif[/img]

don't get me wrong, the guy did a GREAT job with the olypics, and he would make a GREAT politician (cause you have to be a politician in the olympics any ways...), however, his political view points make my stomach crawl. so if mitt does try another political run, it would definatley be MA for govenor [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I want Mitt Romney on my team, whatever position he wants.
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I have heard some talk about that... I live 15mins from the MI,IN boarder line.. Anymore info????

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We want him back here in Massachusetts to save us from the midgets we've had here since Weld left. Somebody's got to save us from the choice between Gov. Jane "Helicopter" (babysit-for-my-kids-on-State-payroll)Swift and a trio of lets-raise-taxes-and-restrict-liberties-more corrupt Democrats. (Not to say that all Democrats are corrupt but it's really a one-party system of patronage here in MA, and we've got some real losers at the state level.)
There's already a "Draft Mitt" site here. Supposedly he's looking at his options after taking a week or so off to go skiing.

Our only other hope is Libertarian Carla Howell who is rather cool, but probably doesn't have a strong chance.

We want Mitt!

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>We want Mitt!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>Don't let your neighbors hear you. Don't you live in one of the socialist enclaves? Brookline? Newton? Cambridge? I still can't quite understand how the People's Republic of Massachusetts has managed to elect republican governors. Weld I can kinda-sorta understand but how the heck did Paul Cellucci ever get elected? If he were elected dog catcher in my town, the place would be overrun with dogs.
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regardless of where Mitt ends up if he gets back into politics (and i think based on all i've heard, MA or nothing for Mitt), i REALLY hope that people look at Mitt's takes on the issues and how he will attack a position.

we KNOW he's a great organizer and a GREAT people person. he's got a GREAT resume, but for me, it comes down to the decisions he will make in office... and i remember his political points of view, and strongly disagree with them. my only fear is people will not look at the issues, they will just see his name and vote. any ways.

MarkXS nailed down the URL for that web site; which i find pretty amazing that people are trying to enlist him to the running, lol. Carla Howell totally has my vote so far, but i dunno if MA is ready for third party govenor. i mean, as GeoffD pointed out, we're all quite puzzled how we keep getting Repulican govenors, especially considering how widely democratic the state is considered to be. : : :
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Sorry, Wink, he's all ours! [img]tongue.gif[/img] Perhaps if elected he will declare snow days as "Wveryone Head to the Slopes" day!
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