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Zip Fit Liners / Salomon Boots

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Hi Boot Pros,
This forum is a great idea. Thanks for making it happen.

I have a pair of Salomon X-Scream P.7.0., which were the rigid race boots in their day. I bought them used with very little use, but, the liners are ok now but deteriorating. They are size 29 which is a half size smaller than what I measure, but the base fit is really good. My foot is narrow (c width) and I don't have any foot issues. I like the boots and considering Zip Fits. I've done searches here on Zip Fits and like what I read from both boot fitters and actual experience of users.

I looked at their web site and it does not appear that a local shop carries them. I'm concerned about making the investment some distance away, and, having to resolve any issues on my own. I'm also concerned about doing it during a vacation ski week and having to spend a lot of time resolving fit or pain issues. I've read the material Zip Fit supplies on setting them up and could do it myself.

Do you have any advise before I jump in and just do-it?
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my first thought is zip fit is a great liner...BUT with as you described your feet as narrow, i would suggest you would get a better fit and performance from a new boot, since that boot was out [and BTW it was mid range rather than top of the line, the 9.0 was the top of the x scream line and the 9.0 equipe was the top of the line] which is a good 8 years if not more now, boots have got so much better, the shells are much more anatomical than the older styles.

if money is a bit tight then you could go one of two ways

1 buy a new boot and forget the zip fit right now
2 buy the zip fit and put it in the old shell, the risk of this is if it doen't work you will need to buy a new boot anyway, and the chances are you will end up in a slightly smaller shell [despite your measurements ie i measure 29.5+ on the brannock i ski in a 28/28.5 shell, and if i had skinny feet i could probably go down and work really hard to make em fit, but i don't ski enough to warrant that, i have high volume foot which is nicely wedged in my med/low volume boot with a bit of work]
if this was to happen the zip fit would be too big

there is a third option which is the ultimate...buy a new boot and the zipfit liner

but whatever you do, find the boot fitter and have the job done properly, you can fit a zip fit yourself but a good bootfitter will minimize the pain, and the amount of work required afterwards

good luck
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I concur with CEM on this one! your current boot is middle of the road and too high volume for your foot as well as a shell size too big. I would not throw money at a bad shell fit, with a new liner, to make it better.
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CEM and Bud,
First, thanks for taking the time to respond. I know how much time it takes to do a post as thoughtful and detailed as CEM wrote. Bud, your concuring second opion is appreciated. I hope my fellow bears bring some business your way.

For sure, life is too short to ski in boots that hurt. I've been burned twice, once in hockey skates, another in ski boots, by downsizing. Compression forces on my big toe are agonizing. Last spring I tried on a lot of boots with the intent of upgrading. I've tried on 28.5 boots and they scare me to the point where I would not leave a shop with them. In my priorities, I will trade some performance for comfort.

I agree with your thinking and analysis, save my experience with the Sollies has been great. Options, Options and more damn Options. Pulling the trigger is the much harder!

Again, you are doing a great service! Always better to be forewarned.
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get yourself to a really good fitter, until they have written off the 28.5 shell then don't give up, you need to see how much space there is in the shell, and then deal with the liner [which in most cases is made short so it doesn't wrinkle in the shell during shipping / storage] if you have between 10-15mm you will have a performance fit 20mm is really about as much as you really want behind your heel in the shell and that is for comfort, any more and very soon after you start using the boot it will end up like a slipper, i understand your concerns, believe me it is why i laugh when people tell me their boots are too small, it is a struggle to get people to believe that boot the right size are not too small...so the chances of them leaving a store with a boot which IS physically too small is slim [not that it doesn't happen, but not often] most of the time the boot is the correct size and just needs a bit of work doing on it. unfortunately there are less scruplulous fitters [read salesmen] who will tell you that the boot you have which is correct but feels a bit tight on the toe is too small as it gives them an opportunity to sell you a new over size boot to resolve your perceived problem.

as i said, go find a fitter and put your trust in them, we have nothing to gain by selling you a boot too small and everything to loose in terms of reputation.

you must remember to explain the problems you have had in the past and describe where you feel pressure and space if there is any, it is only by comunicating with the fitter that you will get the best fit. if there is a problem then a good fitter will stand by you and resolve the issues

where are you and we will try and point you to someone you can trust
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