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Skis for a Petite, Advancing Young Woman Skier

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I am in the market for a new set of skis for my 19 year old daughter. She has been skiing since she was five, and is an excellent skier. I’d describe her as advanced. She can go down pretty much anything (and isn’t afraid of much either). She was a ski instructor at a ski school for kids this past winter. She likes to go fast. She likes to do everything: carve crisp turns on groomed snow, go down through the trees and crud, moguls, etc.

She is also petite: 5 feet tall and change, 110 lbs. Has been skiing on a set of Salomon Scramblers (73 waist) for multiple years, and is really ready for a good set of skis. Budget is an issue, so I’m hoping to be able to find something in the 2006-07 year ski models.

I’m thinking that she should be in some type of women’s all mountain ski, probably in the mid-to-upper 70’s width range, and probably not too stiff (given her size, I want to make sure that she can power the ski appropriately). We’ve also been thinking she needs a ski in the 146 – 150 length range, but would like your input on this.

Note that we live in Seattle, ski the Washington Cascades where we lovingly refer to our snow as "Cascade Concrete".

Here are some of the skis we've been thinking about:

Head Wild Thang (2007 / 77 wide)

Volkl Attiva AC2 and AC3 (the AC3 is the ski she thinks she wants right now)

Rossignol Bandit B2W

Fisher Vision 73 or 76

K2 Lotta Luv

Salomon Siam N8

Your thoughts will be appreciated. Also, any suggestions on where on the Internet I might find last year's models of these skis at good prices.
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Welcome to EpicSki!
Thank you for a fairly complete description of your needs.

I'll start this with the caveat that she'd benefit from demo time. Al of the skis have their own feel and personality.

Having said that,
The Fischer vision is a ski that a lot of petite advanced women really enjoy.
Here' a great deal on last years model of the Vision 50
BEfore I'd put the money on the line for the Volkl AC2 or AC3, I'd have her demo. Both of those are fairly stiff and though they have great properties, some of the lighter women who've skied them don't seem to embrace them quite so well.
I Demoed the Rossi B2W, and couldn't give it back to the demo guy fast enough(again some women like this ski) When I wrote my review on it, I described it as "Stable yet uninspiring"

The Lotta Luv is also a great choice, but I doubt you'll find a deal on that ski as it was sold out almost before it hit the shelves. Maybe buy a used pair somewhere?

A few other skis she may try are:
Elan Speed Magic, and Nordica Olympia Speed. Both of which are inspiring!

I hope I haven't missed anything.

If you were looking to the 08 line up of skis, I'd recommend the new Nordica Olympia Firefox
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We just got my daughter some new skis. She's slightly heavier, but not much, and not quite as good a skier as yours.

We spend a lot of time in the moguls, and just bought last years AC2 (163?)with no demo, from SierraJim. She has had volkls before and liked them.

Last year she skied on the B2W, which was just OK. She demoed the Lotta Luv and thought it was just OK, too.

I think you're going a hair too short, but on the right track on width. We would have gone wider except for the excessive mogul time.

If you're interested in B2W's I can ask my daughter if hers are for sale. They're short (150ish).
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How about 2005 Phat Luvs in 167 or 2005 Pocket Rockets in 165. Both of these skis are now wider. I think the old 90mm width made for a perfect "all mountain" ski.

The Phat Luvs were designed for ladies, by putting the binding position a little forward to help with turn initiation, because the gals don't have the upper body weight to throw out there. I think those Phat Luvs had an incredible construction, very light, and great flower graphics.

The Pocket Rockets are easy and fun and, like the Phat Luv make you powder capable. The center mounting along with the soft tips on the Pocket Rocket would also help the ladies initiate the turns.

The Phat Luv would be a little stiffer and livlier of the two and would be my first choice for a faster skier. The Pocket Rockets will take you from intermediate to advanced sking pretty much by strapping them on.
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Originally Posted by Telecaster2 View Post
... any suggestions on where on the Internet I might find last year's models of these skis at good prices.[/font][/size][/font]
The ebay merchant that I used in the past have some good deals going on right now. Like you, I was looking at some skis for my (110 lbs) petite wife and that’s how I found his site. I ended up buying Bandit B3W from Sierra board shop but if I didn’t, I would be snapping these up: Maunga w/ bindings or Skis only

I know they may seem long at 159 but the twintip will ski shorter.

Good price and awesome/classic graphic!
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