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Get your off season fix?

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Unless you are going to South America or other points south of the Equator, no more skiing until next season starts.

So how do you get your skiing fix in the off season?

I will wear out some Warren Miller tapes, visit my favorite ski shop (Snowcrest Ski Center), wear out the pages of my ski magazines, and read and re-read this forum. And of course I will dream each night about new powder coming down.

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Originally posted by Ty Webb:
Unless you are going to South America or other points south of the Equator, no more skiing until next season starts.....
? ? ? ?

Aren't you forgetting several points north of the equator? May I direct you to the adjacent "Still Skiing" thread. In addition to the Bird, there are still many other NA resorts still open: Mammoth, Alpine Meadows, Timberline on Mt. Hood, Whistler, Killington, Arapahoe, Squaw Valley, Sunshine, Mt. Bachelor, etc....
Not the time to hang your head just yet.
Just a friendly reminder from your friendly skiing booster...
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Killington's still going? good heavans. Did they keep making snow in the late season???
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I'm just doing a lot of training, with the goal of being more fit for next year.
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Come visit me for a day or two this summer. I will make sure you get to snow ski in the morning and water-ski/wakeboard in the afternoon. You will be tired, if not I'll drag you around the river for another hour. : :

Portland is a great place generally, but the summers are World Class!!!
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I'm with SCSA on this one. As soon as I down this Beer and finish this ex large bag of chips I'm going to start Training
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Well my off season started back in February when I landed a job in London....haven't had a day off since then so skiing just wasn't an option

Like SCSA and co. I am keeping the fitness levels up...4 miles running a day....doesn't even compare to skiing but at least the running triggers a minute release of happy chemicals to ease those skiing blues!!

About the end of May my body and brain accepts that summer is on its way so I pack the skis up for 6 months...
Although its not a substitute for skiing, I do love roller blading and if you choose smooth roads with a slight gradient you can even practice your quick turns....

And I don't know about anyone else but I relish the euphoria of the summer months...
I love enjoying a cold beer with friends on a warm summer evening- the ones that make your skin tingle, there really is something in the air on those balmy nights (south Germany, not nec. London - ok!) and I get a similar buzz from that as I do when I step out on a bright sunny morning, -2c and fresh pow!

I adore the two extremes of weather, its all the crap rain and mist and muck in between which annoys me (discounting true autumn colours of course).
Plus, I love that first day when you know winter is on its way again...you feel that anticipation, that rush of excitement and the skin tingling starts all over again....yeah bring it on!
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Point taken on the few places that remain open. But for me, Mother's Day pretty much is the start of my summer and mowing takes over. I also coach the JV Baseball team at my local high school and that also takes my time. Not to mention I spent my ski budget up for the past season. I wish I could get there now though.

Maddog1959....I would take you up on the slopes but I don't do water sports....unless its frozen water. Thanks though!

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We are probably going on a wine-tasting/driving* holiday in France & Switzerland. We may sneak in some long skiing mornings in Zermatt or somewhere else glacial.

I taste, he drives. Certainly works for me!
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Lots of conferences where I learn new ski conditioning exercises which i post on the health and fitness forum! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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