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boots for at set up

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I'm thinking about picking up some Marker Dukes before they are gone. I have never used AT bindings before and skied primarily at resorts using only traverses to access the goods. I would like to get into some backcountry primarily to extend the season and also would like to use to access more difficult to get to places at the resort. My current boots are Nordica Hot Rods which I really like. Are these going to be too stiff to use for what I would like to do? What do I need to be concerned with in getting some boots for this? The skis I will be putting these on are Volkl Sanouks. I don't think my wife would let me pick up new boots this year so I will only have the Hot Rods at least for this year (I've bought 3 new pairs of skis over the summer and she thinks that is more then enogh ski gear for the year).
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If your Hot Rods work ok in natural snow at resorts, they'll work fine for natural snow in the BC. Dedicated AT boots really only offer three things that DH boots don't: a "walk mode" (for walking), a lugged, rockered sole (for walking) and lighter weight. Unless you're going on some hellslog, DH boots will be fine. I've got some AT boots (Scarpa Denali TT's) but I hardly ever use them. For the actual skiing part, they suck compared to my DH boots. I don't go miles and miles into the BC very often.
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