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2008 Elan M999

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I owned and loved the M777 - and always hoped they would make a fatter version of it. I understand the m999 is considerably stiffer than prior years. Has anyone fondled the 2008 M999 yet. Can anyone compare it to the M777? I would love to hear that elan didnt retire the 777 construction - but instread dropped into into the 999 mold (and flattened the tail of the 999, which they apparently did).
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I skied the M999 Wood last year at Alta's Demo. It's a nice ski, but not particularly stiff. It skied everything well, but not outstanding. I've never skied a 777, so I don't have a reference.
I liked the LP XXl and the M105 better.
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Shredhead - was that the 2008 m999 you were on? I've heard the 2008 is considerably stiffer than 2007.

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I wish I could chime in here, I have the catalog in front of me, looks similier to the 888 except a fiberglass skin vs. the mono titanium.
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Yeah, they were next seasons skis. Following is a copy of my brief review.

I also tested a bunch of skis at Alta Saturday. I ski the 194 LP as my everyday and the 1st generation Big Daddies as my powder ride. I rode 1st tram with the BD's and mineral was already soft at 9:15.

I started with Elan.

888 - Nice all mountain ski, but a little too turny for the soft conditions.

999- Good ski, much stiffer than the old model. 3rd place.

1111- Behemoth, this ski is huge. It would be good on a super big day, but with all that surface area the flats were SLOW!


XXL - Favorite ski of the day by a long shot and not much more work than my LP's. They held well on the harder snow on Great Scott, but still floated the mash potatoes in mineral with ease. Slightly softer tip and tail that the LP's. I think these could easily be an everyday ski for soft snow areas.


105 Mojo - I was starting to get tired and the 191 was a bit of work. The rep skis the 181 and suggested them. The short ski was much easier to handle and a lot of fun out on West Rustler. The 181 would be my 2nd choice by a hair over the 999, but my BD's were just as good.
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