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I was demoing a pair of K2 Extremes way back in the day. while playing around...I turned a helicopter (a 3 for you younguns ), I landed with the one ski slightly over the other and the edge took out about 3" of sidewall. Beach wasn't too happy when I returned them.
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Squaw valley and a pair of volkl explosivs...one ski gone in an slide on a deep day...6 months later... FOUND..doesnt really fall into the destroyed category but....they certainly had a good deal or rust on them...
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Favorite story was the first time I broke a ski. I was about 7 years old, it was my second year skiing, and I was still skiing on rental gear from the local hill. Like a good kid I looked for anything and everything to jump off. One night I snapped a ski in half and had to ski on it for the rest of the night. I was so scared that the rental guy was going to tell my parents. I'll never forget the way he looked at it, shrugged, and hung it back in the rack.
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1. Bent both tips of my '07 mantras to about 45 degrees landing a backflip on the tips. Amazingly they are symetrically bent, but mantra/pontoon hybrids aren't too useful.
Bent a pair of Volants in the bumps like that about 10 years ago. drove both into the face of bump and they both broke right under the toepiece, formed a perfect Y. I walked down to the top of a lower lift and rode the lift down. About halfway down, a friend saw me and had a concerned look on his face thinking I was hurt. I turned my skis sideways and he immediately understood.Y
I forgot to turn my bindings up after the summer on my 213 Volkl P9 GS when I was in a speed event. I hit a slight rut just before the end that ripped a ski off. I went through the traps om my back at 68 mph and when I retrieved my ski, it apparently bent when it hit the embankment.
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Wow .... 40+ years of skiing and never broke a ski. Early, Head skis were pretty bullet proof, later never had a problem except for loss of camber in a pair of Rossi.

One slightly bent (slight crimp) in a Scott Nor-Am pole, that I still have in the garage cause' someday soon (12 years soon), I'm going to ram it with a stainless steel rod and dribble some epoxy down there and it will be good as new.

: someday ...

This thread should have had a K2 tag on it. If I had a buck for each time I was skiing with someone who had K2 come apart or develop cracks ...
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