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boot comparison

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Hi everyone,

I'd like to ask your advice on boots. I'm 6'4", 225lbs, 32 years old. Been snowboarding for 10+ years but I'm getting back into skiing this season. Probably about a level 8 skier but athletic and hoping to progress quickly.

I'm looking at the following boots (all 2007 models):
  • Tecnica Diablo Magma
  • Fischer World Cup
  • Lange Fluid 100 Freeride
  • Lange WC 120
So I have two questions:
  1. If you have experience with more than one of these boots, how would you characterize the differences between them?
  2. Do you think any or all of these boots are (in)appropriate for someone of my size and ability level?
Thanks for your help!
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Well it seems your all over the place fit wise here, I would suggest that find a qualified fitter in your area and go from there. Where are you located?
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Hi, and thanks for replying! I'm in Philly.

Can you expand a little on your comment that I'm "all over the place fit wise"? How would you characterize the different fits of these boots?

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Sure thing.
Tecnica Diablo Magma is a midish wide boot (think D-ish street shoe)
Fisher World Cup is narrower like B-C street shoe
Lange Fluid 100 is again a D+ wide
Lange WC 120 is a narrower boot.
Not only is the fit all over, but the performance is as well. That Fluid 100 is not going to ski at all like the World Cup or even the Magma. I really think your best bet is to get to a good fitter and work with him/her. You might spend a little more $$ but you will end up in the right boot for YOU. Make a thread asking who to see in your area.
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