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Skiing in Slovenia

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Hi there everyone ,
Seeing my season is now over,I,m making plans and looking towards new skiing venues .
I have been thinking of Slovenia for next season but was wondering if any one here has been there or knows of someone who has,so as to share his/hers experience.
Thanks and regards from
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Originally posted by chipi:
Hi there everyone ,
Ask dcdre.
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I was born there, skied there when I was a kid. No real useful experience that I can relay, but my folks are over there and I can certainly ask. Anything specific?
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Here's a couple of photos of skiing in Slovenia. Also, check out for more info. Appears to be about a half dozen ski areas in the country with verticals in the 2000-4000 foot range. Comments from goski indicate skiing, lodging and après ski are no frills, not too crowded, and low priced. Also, you are only 150 miles or so from more renowned skiing in the Dolomites of Italy.
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Hi ,
Been reading lately about Vogel ?? Just interested in knowing what would the best areas in terms of good snow & challenging skiing!!
Regards Chipi
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Another venue you might wanna explore would be skiing in Romania. Poiana Brasov, Sinaia, just to name a few. With killer steeps, breathtaking views and always neck deep new snow, the Carpathians are definitely worth exploring. Tons of slope side beautifully rustic villas. It’s also very affordable.

Of course, I’m little biased since I happen to be of Romanian descent but I also speak from experience. I’ve skied these placed many times as a kid.

From Bucharest (capital) it’s a short and comfortable drive to ski areas. Rental cars available or any other pre-arranged options.
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