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Boot advice solicited

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Hi, I am 49 years old, skiing on almost 10 year old Lange Vector 7's which I bought after a 5 year skiing layoff 10 years ago. I'm 6 ', 190lbs like to ski aggressively and once in a while manage silver on NASTAR courses. I have happened upon some brand new - 2 year old Lange LF WC 130's and wonder how these might fit and make a difference in my skiing. I put my son in some Tecnica Diablo Race Pros from his Lange Comp 120 FR and it made a huge difference in his skiing (and racing) We had his boots fitted by Frank and Bill at Bob Skinners in NH. My forefoot is about 97 mm at its widest. The Vector 7's are pretty packed out around the heel and ankle.

1) Anyone have thoughts about how the WC 130s will fit?
2) Any boot recommendations in general?

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If I recall correctly, the LF was a low volume version?? I might be mistaken on that, as it's been a couple years since I have dealt with that boot. That said, I like the idea of a "race" boot for people who can fit into them. They will put you in a better stance. If the flex feels right and the fit is right I see no reason not to go for them. Are you buying them at a shop or on-line? Your best bet is to get to a shop that takes boot fitter serious and let them fit you, it might seem to cost more at first, but in the long you end up saving money and time.
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Wc130 Lf

Yes, I believe the LF is a low volume fit. I've always skied in Langes and I've already bought the boots for a very low price. I agree on the bootfitting part of the equation - we got my son fit with custom insoles and a ton of work on his Tecnica Diablo race pros and out the door it was probably about half off the list price of the boot alone - a stellar deal for all the work that was done (4 hours!) and the improvement in his skiing that resulted. If I'm not happy with the Langes, I'm straight off to the same bootfitter.


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the lange LF is a VERY different fit then the vector. like night and day...

so is the flex on the 130 vs a 70.

just check the shell fit and make sure that either is the right size first. Just that if you could ski the vector and now the LF, something doesn't seem quite right.

97mm wide, but at what length. 97mm = a wide size 23, but a very narrow size 28.
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You make a good point about the width relative to the length - My foot is about 10.5 inches long while standing and putting weight on it. I've been in a mondo 27.5 and the shell fit is somewhat loose in the vector. Street shoes I'm normally a 9D....
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10.5 inches =26.5cm = 9ish shoe = your boots are big on you.

That is my foot/shoe size and I fit a 25 ski boot with an average fit, Thinking about a 24 for this year to try it.
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Looks like it is time to get into a smaller shell and visit the bootfitter....Makes sense as we got my son who wears size 11 street shoes into a mondo 27.5 in the Tecnica Diablo Race Pro boots (although it took a lot of work....)
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