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Another important ski joint

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I have always spent the off season worrying about two main sets of joints to perserve my skiing, and those were my knees and my back. Either of those go out and good bye lift lines. I've always been careful about protecting those areas during the off season, but it would seem I forgot a very important area, my ankles.

Three weeks ago I was hit by a car walking to college classes at a cross walk by an unattenive driver and luckily nothing was broken but my left ankle was badly sprained (I hope thats all it is). I had hoped I would be alright by the ski season but three weeks lator, two weeks before the season starts, I know I wont be sliding when the lift engines start humming and it is really bumming me out. I cant even put the boots on.

I did go to the hospital initially and I am seeing a doctor soon again as well as trying to set up a consultation with a sports
physician. Hopefully all will end well and I will be on snow by mid December (maybe a little wishful thinking).

I tell this story to give everyone a heads up; although you cant control things like other people's driving habits, in other activities, PROTECT THOSE ANKLES!!!
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Bummer. Is there a lot of swelling? Generally those things right themselves within a few weeks. I sprained my ankle less than a month before the Chicago Marathon and still ran it without losing much training. I taped the ankle up for my training for a couple of weeks. I was able to run without taping by the race. I would think that since the ankle is generally imobile while in the boot, you should not have a huge issue here. Although I could see there being some pain getting in and out of the boot. Have you tried putting them on yet?
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words of advice to keep the body in shape: pick up weight-training and drop running. your muscles are a support system, keep them in shape and serious running just tears down your joints over time.
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Karsten, start reading health and fitness forum! Lots of ankle stuff! Good Luck! I was hit by a car about 20 years ago. Could be a bummer!
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I hurt sprained my ankle in June and its still bothering me. When I initially did it I didn't think it was too bad. I was doing gymnastics and I rolled it to the inside (most sprains are rolled to the outside) I acted tough and continued tumbling the rest of the class. Then later that day I was climbing a small rock climbing wall without ropes, I fell off, and when I landed my ankle twisted again. Then later that night I was at my friends and a bat flew into the room, I freaked out and sprinted out of the room, hurting it again. Then in July it still hurt a lot and I started playing indoor soccer on it. Finally a month or so ago I started going to physical therapy for it. It has gotten a lot better, here is what they do to it. First they do an ultrasound on it (apparently that helps break up scar tissue) then I do strengthening excercises with a big elastic tension band thing. Then they do Electrical Stim, which REALLY has seemed to help. So go to a physical therapist and ask about those treatments and what he recomends. I can still barely get my foot into a ski boot, I guess the pressure and twisting to get on a tight ski boot is too much. I have noticed a more limited range of motion in that ankle so flexing a boot is harder too. I hope your ankle gets better sooner then mine has!
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I feel your pain, I am a college student as well and I am going skiing by thanksgiving(I wish I could be a liftie). I was hit by a car last sunday so it just goes to show you have to be careful with all these drivers who are trying to stop you from skiing. luckily I got away with only a sprained wrist. Never trust the cops though, because I was ticketed for being hit by the car!

Good luck with your recovery and have a good season.
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I know your pain. I tweaked my ankle HARD a couple years ago running and no lie my doctor told me that if I had broken it, it would have healed faster???? Good luck
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I second the comment about therapy. I have had a number of sprains over the years and never got too excited about them. I had a severe sprain a few years ago and treated it the same way. Unfortunately, I still have not regained full flexibility since. It doesn't affect my skiing or other vigorous activities, but it was a wakeup call regarding giving my body more assistance post injury.
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My ankle story:
I was hiking down the mountain on a muddy trail, broke into a trot to pass some elder hikers, fell, did my ankle. I had to cut a crutch out of the woods and long-john-silver my way out. It was bad enough that some other hikers ran ahead and drove their pickup truck up the trail to pick me up, saved me some hobbling. Of course, I had a standard shift, my daughter too young to drive, so It was a tough drive out. I stopped at the first quick stop and bought a bag of ice and stuck my foot in it, drove left-footed home. I was a runner, then, training for the NY marathon. I was upset about the injury, thinking it would prevent me from running the race. Well, I knoew this retired coach who got me in to see the the University's head trainer. He checked it out, said it was grievous and gave me the following treatment: Get 2 buckets, ice and water in one, hot (104+) water in the other. Put your foot into the ice for one minute, then into the warm for 5 minutes, repeat 4-5 cycles, do the whole thing 4-5 times/day. He said the "tidal" action of the cold-then-hot would encourage the removal of debris from the injured area. I did it, it seemed to work. However, he did say that I saw him too late, he said that they deal with ankle sprains within minutes on the athletic fields and basketball courts. He showed me a machine where you stick your foot in and it auto-wraps your ankle in white tape. He says the white tape prevents swelling and will allow healing within days, not weeks, that the swelling actually causes damage. He went on to advise me to tape my ankle for the next 6 months-1 year whenever I ran or hiked or did any athletic thing. The reasoning here is to brace it against reinjury and to prevent any swelling should you reinjure. So, I did. I bought white tape in bulk, shaved my lower leg and taped it whenever I ran, hiked, played, whatever. I recovered. Also, now it is years later and it is habit with me to carry a roll of white tape whenever I hike, climb or play, so if I do turn it again, I'll slap the tape right on it. Good luck, hope you have a speedy recovery.
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Thanks everyone, I am definatly looking into some form of physical therapy after reading all these helpful comments!
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