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BigE's Pivot Test Retort - Page 4

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Bolter, you will be missed.

Have a great season.
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Bolter, have a good winter.
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Thanks Bolter for all the thoughtful posts and for sharing your Arc Tech . I will spend time digesting your writing as I am more able to understand it. There is so much there it is a big job to take in and make use of.
You are a valuable asset of this forum and I hope you will come back and share your thoughts as there are many of us who respect you as a teacher and as a writer.
Take good care of yourself. Have yourself an exceptional winter.
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Originally Posted by Bolter View Post
Rockering from tip to tail as a technique is something you want to do for each turn, go ahead. My only hope is that this is not viewed by the Bears as the "go to" movement pattern.
Bolter, I thought you'd like to know that HH agrees with your take on this. He put up an interesting post on the other forum. Check it out when you get a chance (the skeletal alignment thread).
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