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I am looking for a pair of new boots to replace my 7 years old Nordica k5.1 (flex index 90). I am male 5'7. 150 lb. 48 yrs old. 7-8 level skier. current ski quiver are 04 Volkl 5 star 168 for hard pack/ice carve, and 06 Gotama 176 for the rest. I ski 20 + days per season for the last 10 years on west coast include Whistler. Groomer or off piste depend on snow condition and my bodies. I have wider fore foot(around 100 mm). normal instep and ankle. Have customer foot bed done at Sturtvant 2 year ago.
Is Nordica Super Charger Enforcer(flex index 100) will be a good choose? I tried them on in the shop and feel snug but seems more stiff than my old boots.(It's 70 + degree in room temp). I think the fiiting should be OK after the expand/scrap work. I also tried the Salomon Impact 10 it just don't fit. The Nordica speed machine 12 feel alright but not so snug like the Enforcer. I am so afraid of buying the wrong boots not only because the fitting work take so long but also image your feet got chewed on the slope and your boddies all waiting for you down at the lift. Anyone can tell me if this could be the right choose? Thanks so much.