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Big Guy Looking for Skis

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All - I have been reading this forum for the past few months and find the information and advice invaluable. I am looking at some new skis this year and would like some advice that is specific to my situation.

I am a decent skier who has improved greatly in the past two years and hope to continue to do so this year. I figure lots of practice should do the trick (and be fun at the same time!). I am looking for recommendations on skis that appropriate for big guys. Here are the important points:
- I am about 6'4' 245 lbs and athletic.
- I have skied for 10 years on and off and have been able to devote more time to it the past 2 years.
- I live in Vancouver, usually ski Whistler and plan to get in about 30-40 days.
- I am an advanded intermediate skier and enjoy skiing all over the mountain. I like the bowls and trees.
- I currently ski 184 B3's that I received a great deal on through my employer. I am pretty happy with them although I find that I sink in deeper stuff.

Can any other guys with similar dimensions point me in the right direction?
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I'm not your size but I sell skis to a lot of folks that are and I get a lot of demo feelback from big guys.

You say you are mostly happy with your B3's but you sink in the deeper stuff.(I assume this is the fairly current B3 model which is 83mm wide underfoot).

So.....will you keep those and ski on them when it has not snowed lately? If so, then you could be looking at several models of ski in the wider ski range of 100mm wide or even more.

Or......do you want to replace them with one ski to ski every day?? If that's the case, you might end up with something that is somewhat wider but also stiffer in order to better accomodate your weight.

There are lots of great skis to choose from.

In case #1, you could be looking at the Rossi B100 Quad (not the 104 Squad). Possibly the Volkl Gotama or even the Katana, or the Dyanstar Legend Pro. Normally I wouldn't suggest some of these stiffer skis for your ability range but your weight is going to be a factor here.

In case #2 you might be looking at something like a Dynastar Mythic Rider, K2 Outlaw, or Head IM 88. All are a little wider than what you have and somewhat stiffer. They will give you some increase in powder float and still be nearly as nimble as the skis that you have. The Volkl Mantra is an outside shot here only because it has a lot of shape and is very stiff torsionally. This can appeal to some skiers but these factors can make the ski a bit demanding for a mid level skier. (you'd flex it OK but it might be little reluctant to skid in mixed hard/soft snow)

Depends upon what your priorities are.

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