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Which of the 7?

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I was rear-ended by a car this morning...right then I knew it was going to be a really bad day!
When the driver got out of his car, I realized he was a dwarf as were the other people in his car.
He looked up at me and said, "I am not happy!"
So I said, "Well, which one are you then?"

That's how the fight started.
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post by vail snopro Aug 14

But what the hell:

Ghost sez ...

"I'll bet he was Grumpy"

Yuki sez .....

"See what happens when you're Sleepy"

"betcha felt Dopey after that"

"rear ended a dwarf ..... hmmmmmmmmmmmm?"

"I'd have been Bashful about even posting this"

"Did ja have to call a Doc?"

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I guess there was nothing to Sneeze about.
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How did I know that the two of you would be first to laugh with me on this one!?
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I'm not laughing. : I'm deadly serious at all times. This is important junk... er... ahh... stuff.... ahh.... err... hmmm... : : :...information?

THAT'S IT! THIS IS IMPORTANT INFORMATION. We must be serious at all times on this website. After all skiing is serious work and... ahhh.... err... hmmmm......
Mommy, should I shut up now???
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Okay in the answer to those who have asked me if I really got in a car accident with some "little people",.......................No! this is a joke. Sorry for any confusion:

Now on to the part of the story that can be classified under........
You can't make this stuff up!!!!

This is a true story from Flint Michigan!!!
Missing in Fling: Snow White, and 4 Dwarfs

What are the odds of this happening within a week of me posting this joke?:

Go to posted link for full story.
FLINT TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) - Some dopey thieves snatched and grabbed several of Sue Austin's seven dwarfs.

Stolen from Austin's display are Grumpy, a 2 1/2-foot concrete statue, along with Snow White, Bashful, Sneezy and Dopey.

Each statue weighs more than 200 pounds, which might be why the thieves decided to leave behind Sleepy, Happy and Doc, The Flint Journal recently reported.
A question that comes to mind is.....Who can run off with FIVE, 200 LB yard ornaments???
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The jolly green giant?
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Someone with a 1/2 ton truck!
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For lack of a ransom note in the mail for the safe return of the little folk not to mention the fate of poor Snow White .... her virginity still intact ...

I'd guess it was the neighbors. The woman was probably one of those wackos who transform their front yard into something out of Walt Disney's nightmares and they were sending a message.

Prince Charming asked Snow's OBGYN after her last visit if she was still a virgin .... yep he said "still intact .. well .. except for seven little dents" ..

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I wish I could embed this, but it's copyrighted.
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Gnarlito.............thats some funny stuff!
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