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Atomic CS 130 sizing

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Found a great deal on a pair of 26.5 CS 130's online. For those who have a pair how have they run in relation to foot size. Im a 9D. Currently skiing in a pair of Salomon Course in a 26.5(304mm). Would the same size apply in this boot? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have a local bootfitter who can tweak them for me. I just want to make the the boot sole length is correct.
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I have little experience with that boot, perhpas others here do. But I will say that I rarely find it necessary to vary boot size from what I measure in Mondo point.
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I looked at my Atomic inventory and do not have that boot to check for you but it would be a safe bet that you are looking at the right size length wise! It may be possible to go one shell size smaller but it would probably take alot of work. I can get my size 11.5 foot in a 27.5 but would need to do some grinding, but this would be the size I would choose. If you are racing or skiing fast and hard and a good skier, you may want to go a shell size smaller? Your call. Perhaps try to find a shop where you can try some on.
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